Enhancing Your Brand With Text-To-Speech

Text-to-Speech with all of its latest advances is becoming increasingly popular for anyone and everyone but it has shown remarkable interest as being integrated within websites. Many website owners, as well as professional bloggers, are finding great benefits for text-to-speech among their readership and a greater number are beginning to introduce it onto their sites. 

Text-to-speech implemented through a variety of sources such as Note Vibes is a type of technology aid that will read digital information aloud for users. It has the common tag ‘read-aloud technology’.  The huge draw for this system is that it is very user-friendly in that you can translate words into audio with a mere touch by way of virtually any electronic device. It is ideal for individuals who have issues with concentration, learning, or reading online. What may be the benefits for those as owners of websites or bloggers? Let’s check it out.

Website/Blogging Branding Using Text-to-Speech

By using a resource such as NoteVibes, website owners and bloggers have the capability of putting a text-to-speech voice with their site which will set them apart from the competition. Using text-to-speech in conjunction with your website or blog allows for:

  • Accessibility. Website owners and blog sites will increase the accessibility to their sites incredibly by offering the text-to-speech capability for their users. This will allow those who were not able to follow due to limitations to be able to listen to the content which, in turn, will increase the site’s ranking and likeability. Now rather than being strictly a ‘text site’, you have given all readers the opportunity to enjoy what you have to offer by allowing them to choose whether they want to read the content or listen.


  • Engagement. A lot of folks are too busy to simply sit down and focus on what various websites or blogs have to say via their content. Offering the option of text-to-speech allows these users the ability to multi-task whereas they can listen to the information while they’re on the go or even during their regular workday.


  • Options. There are a majority of folks who would much rather listen to a podcast or an audiobook in order to consume information, particularly during a period when they are travelling, mostly due to the convenience factor. This is why if visitors to your site or blog aren’t feeling comfortable when they come on or simply don’t have the time to fully sit and focus on the written content, they won’t be able to completely enjoy it. Offering text-to-speech is going to give you the chance to bring in those who would rather listen as opposed to reading. This is going to give your viewers what they ultimately want as a means to consume the content which is mobility as well as freedom.

Use a resource such as Note Vibes to add a voice to your site or blog and let your visitors associate this with your brand. It gives you another edge up over your competition, makes you stand out, and draws in more traffic.