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English rugby star convicted of assault after being Tasered in Spanish pub

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English rugby star convicted of assault after being Tasered in Spanish pub

England rugby international Billy Vunipola has been sentenced to four months in prison for an incident in a Spanish pub.

The Sydney-born striker was also fined 240 euros ($391) for assault and battery after being arrested by police on the island of Mallorca.

Under Spanish law, a prison sentence of less than two years does not usually result in serving any sentence behind bars, unless there is a criminal record.

The Palma investigating court also sentenced Vunipola to pay 500 euros to a police officer injured in the incident after a quick trial on Sunday.

According to a report in Ultima Hora newspaper, Vunipola was shot twice with a Taser by police after threatening customers and security staff and taking off his shirt at a bar called Epic in Palma early on Sunday.

The 31-year-old man was handcuffed by police and taken to Palma’s Son Espases hospital, where he was sedated, before being brought to court on Sunday afternoon.

Vunipola plays for Premiership Rugby club Saracens, who said in a statement they were aware of the incident and would address it “internally”.

“In the early hours of yesterday, at 4:30 a.m., the National Police arrested a 31-year-old foreign man for the crime of disobedience and attacking a police officer,” reported a spokesperson for the National Police. in Mallorca he told Reuters.

“The police officers tried at all times to get him to calm down, but the man would not listen to reason. At that moment, the man pushed and slapped an officer and a police officer took out his electric stun gun and fired, hitting a projectile. In the wallet, which it was not downloaded.

“Next, a second projectile was fired that fulfilled its purpose, and it was then that the agents pounced on him and proceeded to immobilize him by chaining him, subsequently transferring him to the Son Espases hospital for evaluation and detention.”

Vunipola, in a statement shared by Saracens on Monday, denied threatening anyone.

“Contrary to media reports, there was no violence, no fights and I did not threaten anyone at any time,” Vunipola said.

“I was accused of resisting the law and, after an ‘express trial’, I paid a fine of 240 euros. The Spanish police investigation is now closed and today I fly back to the United Kingdom.

“I will obviously co-operate with Saracens’ internal process and apologize unreservedly for any inconvenience to everyone involved.”

Vunipola has made 75 appearances for England and was part of the team that finished runners-up at the 2019 World Cup. He was not selected in England’s squad for this year’s Six Nations.

His brother Mako also played for England until his retirement in January, while his father played for Tonga.

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