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English Debut: The First Lego Donkey Kong Sets


Donkey Kong will be officially introduced in Lego form for the first time in August, alongside Mario, in a collection of four sets. Lego’s Super Mario collection will boast sets from Donkey Kong Country that feature the beloved gorilla and his relatives. The sets include a treehouse that costs $60 and comes with Donkey Kong donning his trademark red DK tie around his neck, grandpa Cranky Kong, a hammock and some conga drums for the mischievous monkey to play. The biggest set in the collection is the $110 Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride Expansion, which comes with six treacherous-looking track sections for the cart ride, a mechanic Funky Kong, and Donkey’s cap-wearing nephew Diddy as well as a Mole Miner enemy with hidden bananas. Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam, which costs $27, puts Diddy’s girlfriend in the spotlight and Squawks the Parrot on vocals, while Rambi the Rhino costs $11 and features a Lego Super Mario figure on its back that makes a sound effect when it walks or charges into other bricks. Although crocodile King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country does not currently have a set, Lego continues to expand its collection, which last week added Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Nintendo Licence offers immense potential for Lego’s future products, with rumours circulating about a prototype Legend of Zelda set and plenty of nostalgic territory from the original Game Boy yet to be explored in brick form.

Some of these parts appear to be from other sets; see what the set actually comes with in the image atop this story.
Image: Lego

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