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England fans complain that Qatar World Cup fan village is ‘a kilometre of bunting with no toilets

Frustrated England fans have criticized the World Cup in Qatar and its empty fanzones and unbuilt toilets, saying it appears the tournament hasn’t started yet.

The Corniche in Doha, described as Qatar’s ‘global street carnival’ during the tournament, is almost deserted in footage taken during the first half of Argentina’s shock loss to Saudi Arabia today.

Fans said the restrooms are located a kilometer apart and many have yet to be built, with only a screen to watch the games nearby.

Breakfast at his £200-a-night accommodation has also been savaged, with guests criticizing the organizers.

John, who did not want to give his last name, traveled to Qatar from London to watch the world’s biggest soccer tournament, but feels let down by the organization.

Frustrated England supporters have criticized the World Cup in Qatar and its empty fanzones and unbuilt toilets, saying it appears the tournament hasn’t started yet.

Doha’s Corniche, described as Qatar’s “global street carnival” during the tournament, is nearly deserted.

In a video taken from the supposedly bustling fanzone, he says: “This is Corniche, it’s completely dead, there’s a game, Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia.”

“They have stacked up a load of these food trucks, no one is buying anything, they have like two or three people per unit.

There is no one around. There’s a screen here, so there’s a small gathering of people.

“Here there are only bathrooms once every kilometer and we came here on Tuesday, the third day of the World Cup, and we asked to use the bathroom and they won’t let us.

“They’re still building it, they’re still installing it, fuck knows what’s going on.”

The images were taken during the first half of Argentina’s shock loss to Saudi Arabia today.

The fans described kilometers of road without hardly seeing anyone despite the fact that the tournament was in full swing

Fans said that the baths are located a kilometer apart from each other and many have not yet been built.

The camera then pans around to show another locked bathroom and an attendant who, according to John, “wasn’t much help.”

He continued: ‘She said there was a bathroom here and just pointed this way, who knows if it’s down here?

‘However, there is after queuing for 20 minutes, a screen to finally watch the football.

‘A screen in a kilometer of all this. A kilometer of flags and then a screen.

John told MailOnline: “It’s like the tournament is still a few weeks away.”

Fans also criticized the grim breakfast on offer in the fan village as part of its £200 a night package.

A guest shared an image of a breakfast box that is supposedly offered to fans before the start of the match.

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The box includes a single apple, a sandwich, a donut, and a dry-looking muffin.

Fans also criticized the grim breakfast on offer in the fan village as part of their £200 a night package.

Drinks include a small carton of juice, water, and a sachet of instant coffee in a paper cup.

Away fans have also complained about ‘ripping off’ accommodation inside £185-a-night metal bins amidst piles of rubbish and rubble.

One fan, Milad Mahmooditar, 32, from Tehran, said: “It’s ridiculous that I have to pay so much money to stay in this tin.”

‘I’m 6 feet tall and my bed is too small. There is no room to move and the AC unit is so loud you can’t sleep.

The bathroom is not a big bathroom and you can barely move without falling on the nightstand or kicking the bed.

“I have paid around $200 for each night and I know that for $100 I can get a five-star hotel with full board.

‘This is not the way to treat visitors from any country. We have paid a lot of money to get here.

I am a businessman, but I am not rich. I have spent a lot of money to come here and I expect to be treated much better than this.

World Cup fans have complained about ‘scam’ accommodation inside £185-a-night metal containers amid piles of rubbish and rubble in Qatar

Fans complained of being cramped and being ‘ripped off’ at prices of around £185 per cabin per night.

‘I’m sorry about this and I’m angry. Maybe it’s ok for Qataris who are rich and live in fancy houses. Yo, this is not right.

Pro-LGBT soccer fans wearing bucket hats, jerseys and rainbow flags also say their items have been seized by heavy-handed officials.

The charade of Harry Kane and other captains facing a pitch ban for wearing a rainbow armband has spilled over into Doha’s stadiums.

Last night, former Wales captain Laura McAllister was among the football fans told to remove their rainbow bucket hats at the Qatar Stadium ahead of the Dragons’ first game. Men, however, were allowed to keep them on.

American soccer reporter Grant Wahl was detained by security at the same game and ordered to remove his rainbow jersey.

Former Wales captain Laura McAllister was one of the soccer fans “told to take off their rainbow hats” at the Qatar Stadium ahead of the Dragons’ first game with the USA last night .

American sports journalist Grant Wahl (pictured) was initially denied entry to a World Cup match in Doha, Qatar, with security guards “aggressively demanding” that he remove his rainbow jersey. They told him it was for his own safety.

He refused and was questioned by Qatari officials before finally backing down.

A security guard told him that they were protecting him from fans who might have attacked him for wearing the jersey.

FIFA has made it clear that rainbows on clothing and flags are not prohibited in stadiums, but has moved to prevent protests on the pitch.

Qatar World Cup organizers and Qatari cultural groups have also urged visitors to respect their customs and religious rules. These include not drinking or swearing in public, wearing modest clothing, and not showing affection in public. LGBT people are criminalized and have also faced discrimination and violence.

Harry Kane did not wear his ‘One Love’ armband during England’s match against Iran due to the threat of a yellow card on orders from the FA. The England captain had previously said he was determined to put it on and was accused of ‘bottling’ it.


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