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End of an era: Netflix will ship its last DVD in September – WhatsNew2Day


A Shrek without (DVD from) Netflix: The streaming titan says goodbye to the silver discs!

Netflix is ​​mothballing its DVD delivery service. That comes from one Report that Netflix released on Tuesday. The service will thus be discontinued after around 25 years. The very last DVD disc is scheduled to ship on September 29th this year.

You read that right: Before Netflix became synonymous with mass-market movie and series streaming, today’s streaming giant shipped DVDs to its customers. With DVD delivery, Netflix grew up, so to speak. The service is still via dvd.com retrievable and usable.

Netflix cites the steadily shrinking demand for the DVD delivery service as the reason for the discontinuation. To date, five billion discs have been shipped.

In a cute posting – colored in Netflix red and printed with the daredevil hero Shrek – Netflix thanks its DVD-savvy customers for their loyalty.

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Curious fact: According to Netflix, the first DVD shipped through the Netflix DVD delivery service was the modern classic movie Beetlejuice (the horror comedy directed by Tim Burton and starring Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton). The first DVD was sent by Beetlejuice on March 10, 1998.

The sports drama is the most frequently requested film since the DVD delivery service began Blind Side – The big chance listed from 2009.

Netflix acquired the Internet domain DVD.com in March 2012. Loud Mirror Netflix made $145.7 million in DVD rentals last year.

Patrick You can

Anecdotal side note: Before streaming really got big, I used to have DVDs delivered to me intermittently love movie related (which, however, was discontinued in 2017).

Honestly: I only have vague memories of which films I ordered. I imagine among the films were the comedic drama Your Sister’s Sister (2011) and the thriller A Most Violent Year (2014). Both strips are recommended.

What do you think of Netflix now saying goodbye to this truly historic business model? Did you also get silver discs from Netflix before you started streaming? Write us about it in the comments.

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