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      Encourage Yourself On Your Spiritual Walk Using Coin Pendants & Necklace


Chunking is the process through which the brain transforms a series of acts into an automatic pattern, and it’s at the heart of how habits form. Chunking Is the Source of All Habits. Are you trying to establish a spiritual and healthy journey for your lifestyle? If yes, then it’s inevitable that you can form a healthy spiritual habit without using the tips we’re about to reveal here today. Don’t let us shock you when we say – gold coin necklaces may serve as your best bet to keep up your spiritual journey. 

What Causes Habits to Form?

Habits form because the brain is continuously looking for ways to save effort. If left to its own devices, the brain will attempt to turn practically any routine into a habit, as routines allow our thoughts to relax more frequently. This instinct to save effort is a tremendous plus. 

Bear with us; we’re getting there! The build-up will not be a complete waste of time. Trust us! We’re about to tell you how owning a gold chain necklace for women will make habit formation easy. 

The Habit Formation Loop in Three Steps:

This is a three-step cycle that occurs in our brains. 

  • The cue, or trigger, informs your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to utilize.
  • The routine, which might be physical, mental, or emotional, comes next.
  • Finally, there is a prize or reward, which aids your brain in determining whether or not this loop is worthwhile recalling to memory in the future. 
  • This loop—trigger (cue), routine, reward; becomes increasingly automatic over time. The trigger and the reward become inextricably linked, creating an intense sense of anticipation and want. After a while, a habit develops.

Here’s How You Can Use Your Coin Pendant to Better Your Spiritual Journey: 

Your buddha charm necklace, moon sun necklace, Om necklace, lotus symbols necklace, heart necklace, the Christian Cross, the Moon, Star, the Hamsa necklace, and mandalas – purchased from Astrid Schumacher’s collection of gold chain necklace for women, could result in serving as cue or trigger. 

All you have to do is, get yourself your first pair of the gold chain necklace for women that catches your eye – such as your buddha charm necklace, and looking at it daily on your neckline, will prompt you to keep doing your best in pursuing your spiritual journey. 

Not only will it be an appropriate reminder, but it pushes you to achieve the next step of building a routine and establishing a pattern of habit that will benefit your life, such as prompt you to head on out for your yoga session and achieve peace and harmony through the process. 

Your reward, finally, is whatever you decide, a habit formation, a lifestyle change, a spiritual growth, or gifting yourself another one of these special gold coin necklaces. 

Naturally, a few more questions arise in one’s mind, such as:

  • Is it Possible for the Brain to Stop Working?

When a habit forms, the brain no longer participates fully in decision-making. It reduces the amount of effort required or redirects attention to other things. So, unless you actively resist a habit—unless you develop other routines—the pattern will emerge on its own.

  • Is it Possible for a Habit to Disappear?

Habits are difficult to break. They’re embedded in our brain structures, which is a great benefit for us because it would be a nightmare if we had to relearn how to build up the habit again. The trouble is that your brain doesn’t know the difference between good and bad habits, so if you have a poor one, it’ll always be there, waiting for the appropriate triggers to resurface.

This is exactly how you can go about encouraging yourself or your loved ones to continue or begin their spiritual walk using coin pendants as a medium for it all.

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