Emily Atack is flashed with Joe Swash, a NAKED man, and a braless lady in Celebrity Juice

Celebrity Juice’s final episode featured Emily Atack being flashed by a naked man, and a braless women.

The gameshow ended after 14 years and 25 seasons. Panelist Emily took on the challenge of finding elfs with Joey Essex.

As the two tried to find more keys to the festive-themed game as things heated up, the actress and comedian ran around ITV Studios to win for her team.

Chaos! Celebrity Juice’s final episode featured Emily Atack being flashed by a naked woman and a braless man.

Keith informs the pair that Karl the Elf needs to be saved because he is’really hot’ since it is the last Celebrity Juice.

Karl has abducted the show’s surprise visitor in a hotel room. Now it is up for Joey and Emily to find the keys that will unlock the guest from their hostage point.

Joey and Emily are running down a corridor when Joey approaches them. Emily shouts at her and says, “It’s a woman in a knitted sweater!”Her t**s! She’s got better t**s than me!’

Flash! Flash!

Game player: Emily, a panelist, took on the elf-finding challenge with Joey Essex, a former TOWIE star

The woman shows off her chest to the celeb couple, who look on in disbelief.

They quickly decide to leave that site and move on to the next step.

Emily continues to walk towards another doorway, where she sees the words “surprised guest” written on a piece paper.

No! Joey and Emily are running down a corridoor and Joey are approached by a woman dressed in a knitted jumper. Emily screams, “No way!”Her t**s! She’s got better t**s than me!’

She was shocked to see Joe Swash having a sexy affair with a naked man.

Joe and the short man look startled as they interrupt their private moment. Emily screams.

The naked person donned a long blonde hairstyle to cover the shifting situation in the store cupboard. 

What’s next? Karl has kidnapped the surprise guest on the show in a room. It is up to Emily & Joey to locate the keys to free the guest from their hostage point

Who’s there? Emily continues on her way to another doorway, where she sees Joe Swash and a naked man inside.

Joe shouts at Joe in the heat of it all: “Stacey! Put your pants on!” to keep their moment under wraps.

Finally, Joe and Emily head over to Karl with all of their keys. Karl sprays them with foam.

It was announced back in June that Celebrity Juice would be coming to end, and the final episode aired on Thursday, ahead of a compilation episode, called Celebrity Juice: The Last Hurrah, on December 15. 

The truth is out After Keith Lemon quizzed Joey about their smooch, and Emily exclaimed: “The camera never lies!”

Nothing to report: A coy Joey responded that he was ignorant and said: ‘Did i? A man never tells’

In one amusing moment, This Morning host Holly was hilariously seen falling during one game as she tried to carry a piece of cardboard back to her desk. 

The stars were seen racing in the audience to grab two pieces of cardboard as fast as possible.

Holly tried to steal Fearne’s cardboard. She then raced back towards the stage, and then fell awkwardly down the stairs.

Team captains Emily, Laura Whitmore, Holly and Fearne also created a supergroup to sing Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like A Woman.

Fearne revealed that the group was named the Reverse Cowgirls. Emily said that they would perform their’secret’ singing, line-dancing and line-dancing skills.

Pucker up: Emily Atack and Joey Essex were caught having a sneaky backstage kiss during filming for the final ever episode of Celebrity Juice

They then sang the popular song together and, after beginning to sing too fast, put on their best girl group performance. 

Other humorous moments saw Maya Jama play the wibbly wobbly game and Emily Atack and Joey Essex even shared a sneaky kiss backstage.

Emily’s challenge during the final episode comes after she and Joey were caught having a sneaky backstage kiss during filming for the final ever episode of Celebrity Juice.

Joey, a former TOWIE star, was 32. She was one of many guest stars who joined Emily, also 32, as team captain. However, it seems that the two became close during filming a segment. 

Farewell! The comedian, who is 49, took to Instagram to thank viewers for their support during his 26-series run on ITV.

After Keith Lemon asked Joey about their smooch and Emily responded, “The camera never lies!”

Keith turned to Joey and asked him: “Didn’t you sneaky kiss Emily Atack?”

Coy Joey replied, “Did you?” A man never lies.

Laura Whitmore, the other team captain, quickly responded: “Emily will though!”

She simply stated, “I mean the camera never lied!” as all eyes turned towards the former Inbetweeners star.

‘Fanks!’: Keith Lemon paid tribute to Celebrity Juice as he emotionally bid farewell to the comedy panel show after it came to an and after 14 years on air

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