Emerging Trends Give The Post Pandemic Economy A Shot In The Arm According To NetBaseQuid

Coca-Cola recently lost $4 billion in market value when Portuguese soccer player, Ronaldo, moved two bottles of Coca-Cola out of the way to grab a bottle of water during a break in the action against Hungary. There’s no better example of how a key opinion leader can affect the value of companies just by choosing to drink water in front of two bottles of coke. Opinion leaders like Ronaldo are in every industry. 

 Opinion Leaders Play A Role In Emerging Trends 

The Internet opened the door for creativity in all shapes and sizes. Small businesses and big corporations search for sales and connections in the online marketplace. Every clothing company wants to be the first to produce a product that wets the lips of fashionistas. And every shoe company wants an athlete that acts superhuman when they compete. The power of sports and the emerging trends it produces are hard to ignore. 

But competing in the fast-moving Internet ocean can be a challenge unless brands, and the company’s that feed off of them, stay tech-savvy. The Internet can produce fast returns. But it can also be a lonely place where consumers rarely go. Social media marketing produces results when brands understand consumer needs. Brands need a lot of feedback. There’s always another brand nipping at their revenue-producing heels for a shot of capitalistic glory. 

Brands need opinion leaders that communicate honestly and with confidence. Companies need to watch emerging trends in their sector of the economy after pandemic. For example, there’s not an auto company in the world that does not have market intelligence focused on Tesla. Brands must have a market intelligence Internet plan to stay competitive in the post pandemic world. And most of all, they need a company that puts all those needs together in one Artificial Intelligence platform. 

 There Is No Leadership Without Emerging Trend Leadership 

Emerging trends set the pace in any industry. The lifespan of trends varies, but it is always best to be on the front side of trends. In order to do that, brands have to be aware of what’s next without knowing what next is. Knowing what’s next was hard to do before Artificial Intelligence became the emerging trend of the century. NetBaseQuid, the social media analytic experts, developed an artificial platform that is nothing short of amazing. 

Big corporations like Coca-Cola and American Airlines use NetBaseQuid’s AI platform, and it works. Coco-Cola spits out new products constantly. And American Airlines continues to capture the thrill of air travel but in a 21st-century way. 

The battery business can thank Elon Musk for his emerging trend contribution. Mr. Musk stepped into the auto industry, and he changed it. Jeff Bezos did the same thing in retail that Musk did in the car-selling business. Mr. Bezos’s Blue Origin space travel company will introduce the emerging market of space travel this year. And that will prompt other entrepreneurs to want a piece of that emerging market. 

 NetBaseQuid Has AI Power In its Analytic Genes 

The pandemic opened the door in the healthcare industry, and it became clear, emerging tech trends saved thousands of lives. But the pandemic also showed flaws in the healthcare system. One of those flaws is emerging new tech gets lost in healthcare red tape. NetBaseQuid’s AI platform used by United Airlines, Microsoft, and other brands, is not knee-deep in red tape, according to President Bob Goodson. 

Mr. Goodson told news reporters his company is a next-generation social analytics firm. Vocal and visual innovations, as well as comprehensive marketing intelligence reports, are standard operating procedures.

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