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Embarrassing retaliation: Shitstorm for Moukoko.


After Borussia Dortmund gambled away the victory they believed to be certain at VfB Stuttgart, there is a hangover at BVB. The mood of Youssoufa Moukoko is likely to be particularly bad, whose nasty cheering action backfired. There is already ridicule for the youngster on the internet.

BVB had led 2-0 up to the 78th minute and were even outnumbered from the 39th minute. But with a double strike within six minutes, VfB Stuttgart equalized shortly before the end of regular time.

In injury time, BVB took the lead again thanks to a goal from Gio Reyna – and at the time was probably confident of a win.

Moukoko gesture causes explosives

In any case, Moukoko let himself be carried away to a nasty action while cheering. The 18-year-old striker, who was in the penalty area when Reyna scored, ran towards the scorer and made a small detour past VfB keeper Fabian Bredlow. Moukoko couldn’t resist a cheering gesture in the direction of the Swabian goalkeeper.

An action that was fatal to Moukoko. In the 97th minute, Stuttgart celebrated the draw with Silas’ last-minute goal.

On the net, it quickly rained scorn and ridicule for the BVB attacker. “What Moukoko did towards the VfB keeper is underground,” wrote one user. “Karma is a bitch,” it said in many posts.

Many VfB supporters were amused after winning the point at Dortmund’s expense: “Greetings go out to Sportfreund Moukoko.”

But other users also defended Moukoko: “Before everyone continues to rant against Moukoko: His 2-1 win against Hertha on the last matchday made VfB’s relegation possible in the first place. At least I will never forget that. And please: football is emotion. “

Moukoko was initially on the bench and came on for Sébastien Haller in the 63rd minute. He could no longer put his stamp on the game.

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