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Embarassing Test Fiasco: C.J. Stroud Falls Before Draft


College talent CJ Stroud recently fought a duel with Bryce Young for the number 1 pick in countless mock drafts by various experts. However, recently published test results are now significantly reducing the chances of the NFL contender.

In the approximately 45-minute S2 cognition test, potential NFL professionals are primarily tested for their ability to react. This survey is extremely important for quarterbacks because they have to react quickly to changing game situations on the field. A signal caller should achieve at least 80 percent of the maximum number of points in this test.

However, CJ Stroud didn’t even get close to that mark in his test. As the sports journalist Bob McGinn reported, the native Californian came up with a result of 18 percent. A surprisingly poor yield.

Stroud’s quarterback competitors in the NFL Draft, on the other hand, fared significantly better. With his 79 percent, Anthony Richardson only just missed the 80 mark. Will Levis even bribed with 93 percent. This value was topped by Bryce Young. The 21-year-old underlined his reputation as the upcoming first pick with an impressive result of 98 percent.

NFL insider speaks to CJ Stroud of “red alert”

However, after it was revealed how poorly Stroud did on the S2 cognition test, an NFL executive immediately issued a warning to the league. “(Stroud’s score) means something like Red Alert, you can’t take a guy like that. That’s why I call Stroud a slob.”

Another NFL insider admitted that a good test doesn’t necessarily lead to a brilliant pro career. “But we’ve never had anyone who got a bad grade and played well.”

These negative judgments about Stroud’s abilities should make some teams ponder just before the NFL Draft. For example, Will Brinson of “CBS Sports” already kicked the quarterback out of the top ten in his mock draft. In his opinion, the Tennessee Titans will pick Stroud in eleventh position.

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