Em Rusciano ‘proud to be neurodivergent’ after autism diagnosis

Em Rusciano says she’s ‘proud to be neurodivergent’ after being diagnosed with both ADHD and autism – and that she thought she was a ‘s**t person’ before understanding her condition

Em Rusciano was formally diagnosed with autism last week, just over a year after being diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

In an emotionally charged episode of her Emsolation Podcast this week: The media personality stated that she was proud to be neurodivergent and had gained a better understanding about her past behavior.

The 43-year old Em Rusciano introduced herself to her listeners by saying: “My name is Em Rusciano. I am a writer, singer, stand-up comedian and a podcaster.

Em Rusciano stated that she was proud to be neurodivergent and had gained a better understanding about her past behavior in an emotionally charged episode of Emsolation.

She Then she added: “I am also autistic, and I have ADHD!” 

Em explained that Em had just received her official diagnosis of autism. She previously had self-diagnosed the condition.

Although she wasn’t sure if she needed a diagnosis from a doctor to confirm her diagnosis, she decided it was best for her.

‘I think with all my brain, especially. I need rules. If someone smarter than I am and is better at this topic, then I must accept that.

Em Explained That She'D Just Received Her Official Diagnosis For Autism, Having Previously Self-Diagnosed Herself With The Condition

Em explained that Em just received her autism diagnosis after previously being self-diagnosed.

Em stated that Em had to make allowances for her past behavior and accept the diagnosis she now has.

‘I have to stop using really negative language and negative stories that I’ve built around certain behaviours that I thought were because I have faults and I’m a s**t person, where in fact I’m an autistic person,’ she explained.

“And even just saying it out loud makes me feel emotional. I’m proud to be neurodivergent, but I think it’s the grief of forensically looking back at all the times my autism has made life quite difficult not only for myself but also for others.

All Of Em'S Children Are Neurodivergent, Including Her Three-Year-Old Son Elio, Who Is Autistic. Pictured Together

Em and her children are all neurodivergent. This includes her son Elio (three years old) who is autistic. Together

“And I truly couldn’t stop it, but since then I’ve carried a lot more guilt, so that’s what the diagnosis was for me.”

Em shared more details about her diagnosis on Friday in a series Instagram posts.  

“I know I might not fit your preconceptions about autism. But that’s not my responsibility. She explained that I was diagnosed by an expert in the field. 

Em stated that she was’mind-blown” while answering questions about her condition. It was almost like ‘they were describing me childhood’.

'I Understand I Might Not Fit Your Preconception Of What Autism Is But That'S Not My Job To Do That. I Was Diagnosed By A Specialist In The Field,' Em Explained

“I know I might not fit your preconceptions about autism. But that’s not my responsibility. Em explained, “I was diagnosed by an expert in the field.”

The former radio host shared some of her ADHD symptoms in a Facebook post.

Her This list includes those who have difficulty following directions, maps, or recipes. 

“I feel like I’m being suffocated if I wear a hair tie or scrunchy around the wrist. It makes me feel like my hair is going to fall out,” she said.

Em’s children all have neurodivergent personalities. Her Elio, her three-year old son, has autism. Her daughter has ADHD.

Em Also Said That Now She Had A Diagnosis, She Had To Start 'Making Allowances' For Herself And Her Past Behaviour

Em stated that Em needed to start making allowances for herself and her past behavior now that she has a diagnosis.

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