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Elon Musk’s $8-a-month Twitter Blue will NOT include ID verification when it’s rolled out

Twitter Blue will not include identity verification, but select governments, businesses and media will have an “official” label.

In the wake of Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter takeover, his news project, Twitter Blue – a $7.99 per month subscription – will not verify the identities behind the accounts as the billionaire gives “power to the people.”

Only selected accounts get the ‘official’ label and only Twitter can decide which account gets it and which doesn’t, according to Financial timesReporter Hannah Murphy.

It will be distinguished with a gray subtitle marked official under the user’s handle, according to Esther Crawford, who works in Twitter’s Early Stage Products division.

The program — which includes fewer ads and priority rankings — is set to roll out in the US on Wednesday after it suffered a midterm election setback over fears that users would impersonate politicians.

Concerns were raised that this new system could be used by bad actors to impersonate public figures and spread misinformation, especially on the eve of major US elections.

Twitter Blue doesn’t include identity verification, but government, businesses and media get an ‘official’ label (pictured)

In the wake of Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter takeover, his news project, Twitter Blue – a $7.99 per month subscription – will not verify the identities behind the accounts, as the billionaire says “power to the people” gives

The social media company’s head of security and integrity has confirmed that the Twitter Blue update will be postponed until after the vote closes.

In an extensive Twitter thread about identification and verification on the site, Yoel Roth said, “The planned changes to Twitter Blue to make verification more widely available raise the stakes for this type of impersonation.

“We are particularly focused on the risks of government impersonation in the context of the 2022 US midterm elections and have made the decision not to launch Verification for Twitter Blue until after Election Day.”

Roth also defended the Musk-led company’s decision to introduce an $8 monthly verification fee, arguing that it creates a new barrier between those seeking to spread spam and accessing high-profile Twitter accounts from which it can be spread.

Most spam fighting is a numbers game: your goal is to increase costs for spammers until their losses exceed their profits. If you do that, the spammers will disappear and you win. Eight dollars per account greatly increases the cost of spam,” he says.

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According to Esther Crawford, who works in Twitter’s Early Stage Products division, “official” accounts are distinguished with a gray subtitle as official under the user’s handle.

Financial Times reporter Hannah Murphy said the ‘official’ flag will only be determined by Twitter staff

“It’s not just about the $8, though – these kinds of in-app purchases require attackers to get through not only Twitter’s defenses, but those of mobile device manufacturers and payment processors. That’s not impossible for an advanced opponent, but it’s hard to do on a large scale.

“No solution for identity is perfect, and we iterate quickly to arrive at the best approach here. We appreciate all feedback and will share more as our work progresses.”

However, critics of the approach have argued that, rather than democratizing the platform and banning spam, the new paid verification system — which also gives subscribers priority when replying to other tweets — would instead create a two-tier Twitter of those who can and will pay for the service and those who cannot or will not.

The delay in the Twitter Blue update continues a chaotic start to Musk’s tenure at the company, and comes in the wake of a number of verified accounts, including those of comedians and satirists, who have been locked down or suspended for parodying the billionaire from protest against the planned changes to the site.

Twitter Blue – which features fewer ads and priority rankings – will be rolled out in the US on Wednesday after it suffered a setback in the US midterm elections over fears that users would impersonate politicians

Despite Musk’s stance on allowing free speech and his tweet that “comedy is now legal on Twitter” and that the blue-tick changes will “give power to the people,” he quickly took action against the accounts of a some celebrities who changed their Twitter names to ‘Elon Musk’ and posted satirical messages about his takeover.

Reports in the US also suggest lingering confusion over the massive layoffs the company began last week, with some alleging managers have begun asking some employees if they would be willing to return after the company realized certain teams are now understaffed. .

It is estimated that about half of the company’s 7,500 employees were originally part of the cuts.

Meanwhile, the Tesla owner remains defiant in his thinking about the company’s new direction, claiming overnight that “Twitter usage is at an all-time high.”


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