Elon Musk, 51, took to Twitter on Monday to share photos of what he described as his

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Monday to show off what his nightstand looks like just weeks after he took over the social media company.

The 51-year-old billionaire posted the photo of his nightstand, without context, on Monday, showing it to be littered with empty cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke and a half-drunk bottle of water.

On the edge was a replica of George Washington’s flint pistol, in a wooden box whose Open lid shows Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting of Washington ccrossing the Delaware River during the American Revolution.

He also had a cosplay pistol modeled after the Diamond Back .357 revolver from the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and what appears to be a Buddhist vajra, used to protect himself from enemies.

Rings of condensation from empty bottles could be seen on the nightstand, and Musk wrote: “There is no excuse for my lack of coasters.”

It came just one day after the world’s richest man shared data showing hate speech on Twitter has declined since his $44 billion acquisition last month.

The figures directly contradict reports that hate speech increased in the wake of Musk taking the helm.

Elon Musk, 51, took to Twitter on Monday to share photos of what he described as his “nightstand.”

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His 'Nightstand' Was Stocked With A Cosplay Gun, Cans Of Caffeine-Free Diet Coke, And A Replica Of George Washington'S Gun, In A Case Featuring The Famous Painting Of The First President Crossing The Delaware River.

His ‘nightstand’ was stocked with a cosplay gun, cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke, and a replica of George Washington’s gun, in a case featuring the famous painting of the first president crossing the Delaware River.

Musk previously spoke about how he has kicked his caffeine addiction as he worked to make Tesla one of the world’s leading car brands.

In 2014, he told German motoring magazine Auto Bild how he stayed up every night drinking Diet Coke.

“There were probably times where I had like eight [Diet Cokes] one day or something ridiculous,” he said at the time, according to nbc news. “I think these days, he’s probably one or two, so he’s not too crazy.”

He added that he was also addicted to coffee, saying: “I used to drink so much coffee… it would make me very nervous.” I’d get sick of the caffeine and it wouldn’t be good.

Musk said he has since traded in coffee for some water.

Musk Has Previously Spoken About How He Was Once Addicted To Caffeine And How He Tried To Kick That Habit.

Musk has previously spoken about how he was once addicted to caffeine and how he tried to kick that habit.

These days, Musk is using his energy to focus on expanding his new company: Twitter.

He shared slides over the weekend showing that between October 17 and November 13, hate speech impressions on Twitter are lower.

The CEO also reported that new user sign-ups were at an all-time high, averaging more than two million per day in the past week.

Those numbers are in direct contrast to previous reports that suggested hate speech increased after Musk took over the social media giant.

In the week beginning October 31, the first full week under Musk’s ownership, the Center to Counter Digital Hate he stated that the use of racist, homophobic, transphobic and anti-Semitic slurs skyrocketed significantly after he took office on October 27.

It found 26,228 tweets and retweets mentioning the racist slur n****r, triple the 2022 average.

almost 34,000 tweets and retweets also mentioned the slur t****y, up 53 percent from the 2022 average.

And slur f****t increased 39% with 21,903 tweets and retweets, while 2,598 tweets and retweets mentioned slur k**e, up 23% from the 2022 average.

More than 1,200 tweets and retweets mentioning w*g slander, up 62%, while 935 tweets and retweets mentioning s**c slander, up 67% over the 2022 average.

The center said the figures show that the volume of hate tweets had skyrocketed, despite claims by Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth, that the company had managed to reduce the number of times expressions were seen. of hate in Twitter searches and trends. page.

Slides Posted To Musk'S Twitter Page Over The Weekend Show That Between October 17 And November 13 Hate Speech Impressions Are Lower, Contradicting Previous Reports.

Slides posted to Musk’s Twitter page over the weekend show that between October 17 and November 13 hate speech impressions are lower, contradicting previous reports.

Musk Also Reported That New User Signups Were At An All-Time High Averaging More Than 2 Million Per Day Over The Past Seven Days.

Musk also reported that new user signups were at an all-time high averaging more than 2 million per day over the past seven days.

Similarly, the European Union released data last week suggesting that Twitter took longer to review hateful content and removed less content in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The EU figures were released as part of an annual assessment of online platforms’ compliance with the 27-nation bloc’s code of conduct on disinformation, with most other tech companies scoring even worse.

But the figures could portend trouble for Twitter to comply with strict new EU online rules after owner Musk laid off many of the platform’s 7,500 full-time workers and an untold number of contractors responsible for moderation. content and other crucial tasks.

The EU report, conducted over six weeks in the spring, found that Twitter evaluated just over half of the notifications it received about illegal hate speech within 24 hours, up from 82 percent in 2021.

By comparison, the amount of flagged material Facebook reviewed within 24 hours dropped to 64 percent, Instagram dropped to 56.9 percent and YouTube dropped to 83.3 percent, while TikTok hit 92 percent, the only company that got better.

The amount of hate speech Twitter removed after it was flagged fell to 45.4 percent from 49.8 percent a year earlier.

TikTok’s removal rate fell by a quarter to 60 percent, while Facebook and Instagram only saw minor declines. It only increased the removal rate of YouTube, reaching 90 percent.

Musk Maintains That The Number Of Users Remains At An All-Time High, Tweeting Earlier This Week That The Site Had Added 1.6 Million Daily Active Users.

Musk maintains that the number of users remains at an all-time high, tweeting earlier this week that the site had added 1.6 million daily active users.

Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter last month fueled widespread concern that purveyors of lies and misinformation could thrive on the site.

The lifting of former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, coupled with the Twitter Blue fiasco that allowed anyone to be verified, has put Musk in the firing line.

But Musk maintains that the number of users remains at an all-time high, tweeting on Saturday that user registration was at an all-time high even as many Twitter users searched for an alternative platform.

Meanwhile, a coalition of more than 60 civil rights and civil society groups has been pressing brands that advertise on the social media platform to boycott.

The ‘Stop Toxic Twitter coalition’ took action after Twitter owner Elon Musk lifted the suspension of former US President Donald Trump’s account, which was banned after the attack on the US Capitol on 6 from January.

On the group’s website, the group has called on all major Twitter advertisers to “terminate” their affiliation if it “undermines brand safety and community standards.”

“Musk must not reverse basic moderation practices that Twitter already has on the books and must invest the necessary resources to enforce those rules,” it read.

“This means Musk should prioritize making the platform more secure, focus on ushering in an era where the company has stronger policies to protect users against hate, harassment, and toxicity.

But it is doing the exact opposite.

Musk recently complained that pressure from activists had already caused a “massive drop in revenue.”

About 90 percent of Twitter’s revenue comes from ad sales.

The coalition obtained a list of 100 advertisers by total spend this year and said only 51 advertisers had paused spending.