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Elon Musk schedules Bill Gates and calls him “underwhelming” after he has bought a Porsche instead of a Tesla

Elon Musk against Mark Zuckerberg

Musk noticed Zuckerberg's knowledge of AI 'limited'

Musk noticed Zuckerberg’s knowledge of AI ‘limited’

Elon Musk took on Mark Zuckerberg in 2017 and said the Facebook boss’s knowledge of artificial intelligence was ‘limited’.

The war of words started when Zuckerberg said that Musk’s negativity about the future of AI was “pretty irresponsible.”

Zuckerberg held a Facebook Live session while barbecuing in his Palo Alto backyard and asking questions about AI and technology.

A question came in: ‘I watched a recent interview with Elon Musk and his greatest fear of the future was AI. What do you think of AI and how can it affect the world? “

Zuckerberg replied: “I have fairly strong opinions about this.

“I’m really optimistic. I am generally an optimistic person – I think you can build things and the world will get better. But especially with AI.

“And I think people who say no try to drum up these doom scenarios – I don’t understand.

“It is really negative and in some ways I actually find it quite irresponsible.”

Musk mentioned the reactions on Twitter and wrote: His understanding of the subject is limited.

Elon Musk against Jeff Bezos

Musk noticed Bezos a copycat in 2019

Musk noticed Bezos a copycat in 2019

Musk noticed Bezos a copycat in 2019

Musk cast shadow on Jeff Bezos in April 2019, calling the Amazon boss a copycat when he announced the plans of his rocket startup to launch 3,000 internet satellites in space.

It turned out that Bezos, founder of space manufacturer and space service company Blue Origin in 2000, plans to send a constellation of around 3,000 satellites into space to provide internet access to undercovered areas around the world.

Musk responded to the schedule’s news with a Tweet addressed to Bezos with the word “copy” and a cat emoji, pointing to the fact that his SpaceX company had already launched two prototype satellites in orbit.

Reports at the time of the spit reported that Bezos had hired SpaceX’s former vice-president Rajeev Badyal for the “copycat” project.

A month later he was busy again when Bezos revealed the great vision of Blue Origin to travel to the moon.

Bezos sent a Tweet with a modified image of the lander with the word ‘Moon’ crossed out and replaced by the word ‘Balls’.

The tech boss’s feud seems to have started in 2015 when Bezos called its competitor when Blue Origin launched a rocket into space and then landed it on earth, calling the reusable rocket the “rarest beast” and adding that the company has the performance delivered ‘look easy. “

Musk was not too happy with that characterization and responded to the tweet, congratulating, but added that Bezos had only sent a rocket into space, not in orbit.