Elon Musk prepares to release sensitive ‘Twitter Files’ on suppression

Elon Musk tweeted Monday that Twitter would be releasing files regarding its own ‘free speech suppression’.

The billionaire will likely reveal all details about Twitter’s 2020 censorship against the New York Post’s coverage on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

Musk had said that releasing information on Twitter’s response regarding the laptop story was necessary if Twitter wanted to regain public trust. 

Twitter made it impossible for users to share links to a front page newspaper article about Hunter Biden’s private and controversial business ties with Ukraine during the campaign leading up to the 2020 presidential election between Trump and Biden.

Musk described Twitter’s $44 billion acquisition as “obviously incredibly inappropriate” prior to the deal.

In a Monday tweet, Elon Musk stated that Twitter would release files related to its own suppression of free speech.

The Billionaire Is Expected To Disclose The Full Details Of Twitter'S 2020 Censorship Of The New York Post'S Reporting On Hunter Biden'S Laptop

The billionaire will likely reveal all details about Twitter’s 2020 censorship against the New York Post’s coverage on Hunter Biden’s laptop

1669693810 33 Elon Musk Prepares To Release Sensitive Twitter Files On Suppression

Musk revealed his plans to release Twitter files Monday afternoon.

“The Twitter Files about free speech suppression” will soon be published on Twitter. The public deserves to know what really happened …’ he wrote. 

Musk responded to his comments hours later, Monday evening. He described his plans as a struggle between freedom and ‘tyranny’  

“This is a fight for the future civilization.” He tweeted Monday evening, “If free speech is lost even within America, tyranny will be all that lies ahead,”

1669693810 938 Elon Musk Prepares To Release Sensitive Twitter Files On Suppression

Musk had already responded to a tweeter asking if he would release “all internal discussions” about the Post’s laptop story. 

The user tweeted, “Raise your hand if @ElonMusk should publish all internal discussions regarding the decision to censor @NYPost’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop prior to the 2020 Election in order of transparency,”

Musk replied and seemed to indicate that he would. 

He wrote that “This is essential to restore public faith.”

An Image From Hunter Biden'S Laptop Which Appeared To Show Him Asleep With A Crack Pipe In His Mouth

A screenshot taken from Hunter Biden’s computer that showed him looking asleep with a crackpipe in his mouth.

A Photo Of Hunter Biden Recovered From His Laptop

Hunter Biden'S Laptop Contained A Number Of Embarrassing Photos, Including Some Of Him Posing Naked With A Gun

Hunter Biden’s laptop had embarrassing photos of him naked with a gun.

Musk promised to make his social networking platform a more open “digital town square” when he took over the app earlier in the year.

Musk stated that free speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy and that Twitter is the digital square where vital issues for the future of humanity are being discussed. 

John Paul Mac Isaac was the original owner of the computer store in which Hunter left his laptop. Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer, received a copy from the hard drive of the store in September 2020.

Giuliani reportedly gave the New York Post documents and photos from the drive and also gave a complete copy to Trump’s former adviser Bannon and Maxey, his podcast co-host.

The Post published excerpts from emails and photos taken from the laptop before the 2020 election. However, without authentication, the documents were widely dismissed by the public as fake or Russian disinformation. 

The Laptop Provided Evidence About Hunter'S Foreign Business Dealings While His Father Was In Public Office

The laptop offered evidence that Hunter had foreign business dealings during his father’s time in public office

Images Found On The Laptop Linked Hunter Biden To Illicit Illegal Activities Like Prostitution And Serious Drug Use

Images found on the laptop linked Hunter Biden to illicit illegal activities like prostitution and serious drug use

The laptop offered evidence about Hunter’s overseas business dealings and also linked Hunter to other illegal activities, such as prostitution or serious drug abuse.

Numerous outlets have since verified the contents of the laptop.

In April 2021 published the contents of a report by Maryman & Associates showing the laptop was real and continued to reveal its sordid and potentially incriminating contents over the following year.

Using the same forensic tools as federal and state law enforcement in criminal investigations, Maryman & Associates found a total of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, and more than 2,000 photos on the hard drive.

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