Elon Musk ignites spat with Apple as ex-App store boss says network WILL get booted off platform

Elon Musk announced that he intends to ‘go to war’ with Apple over its decision to desert Twitter as an advertiser – a move Musk said suppresses free speech and serves as a blatant exploitation of the tech giant’s power.

The brazen declaration was delivered by the new Twitter chief Monday, in a slew of tweets that called out the iPhone maker for pulling back partnered posts on its site.

The tirade also saw Musk – who has seen 50 of the platform’s top 100 advertisers pull ads since taking the reigns last month – also air long-running concerns regarding the company’s outsized market power.

Apple, previously Twitter’s top advertiser, ruffled feathers yesterday when it seemingly joined a host of other companies to cease advertising on the site without issuing a formal statement, according to Musk.

The company’s mass exodus stems primarily from ethical concerns about its new boss. He has tried to increase revenue via subscriptions and offer users more leniency since buying it last month.

Musk criticized Apple Monday for what he called censorship by privately owned companies in his 15-minute speech Threatening to Withhold Twitter’s App Store 

Musk also accused Twitter of stopping nearly all its advertising spending, a move that could have serious consequences for his investment of $44billion.

Elon Musk stated that he is going to war against Apple because of its decision to abandon Twitter as an advertiser. Musk claims this suppresses free speech, and it serves as a blatant exploitation of the tech giants’ power.

Musk Wrote Monday That Apple Has 'Mostly Stopped' Advertising On The Platform - Before Tearing Into The Company For What He Called Monopolistic And Un-American Practices

Musk stated Monday that Apple had’mostly stopped advertising’ on the platform, before taking aim at the company for monopolistic and unAmerican practices.

Musk said Monday that Apple has “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter”, setting up a huge clash between the world’s richest man and its most valuable corporation. Musk would then add, “Do they hate freedom of speech in America?”

Musk went on to highlight Apple’s practice, which imposes a 30% tax on any purchase made through its App Store. The South African mogul mistakenly called it a’secret Tax’. 

This post also shared a Watcher Guru declaration that Apple’s vast influence on the global digital app market amounts to a “30 percent tax” on the internet.

Musk signaled in a meme that he intends to “go to war” with Apple. 

Musk claimed that his spat with the company could set the stage for a dispute which could draw new attention to the way speech is monitored online. This could lead to a full-blown “revolution against onlinecensorship in America.”

Musk called the dynamic between Apple and Google in the App sphere a demonstration of a “duopoly” and said that the fees charged by tech giants are ‘excessively high’

It is a hidden 30% tax on the InternetMusk said it in a tweet last Wednesday, tagging the Department of Justice’s antitrust division in a follow-up post. 

According to reports, the agency is currently looking into rules regarding companies’ practices in app stores.

Recent posts indicate that none of the companies that had paused their advertising in the last few weeks were back on social media by Monday.

Musk responded to a user who asked if Apple was threatening Twitter’s presence on the app store by its actions shortly after his announcement about Apple’s quiet withdrawal. This famously outspoken CEO gave a uncharacteristically short response.

He replied, “Yes,” 

Shortly After His Announcement Regarding Apple'S Quiet Pullout Monday, Musk, In A Reply To A User Asking If Apple Is 'Threatening Twitter'S Presence In The App Store' Through Its Actions, The Famously Outspoken Ceo Provided An Uncharacteristically Curt Response

Musk responded to a user who asked if Apple was threatening Twitter’s presence on the app store by its actions shortly after Monday’s announcement about Apple’s quiet withdrawal. This response was uncharacteristically reserved from the well-known CEO.

According to industry insiders, the Financial Times was informed by the Financial Times this weekend that Twitter’s current ad position – which has seen it lose $750,000,000 in advertising in 2022 according to Media Matters report – has worsened in recent days. Agencies have been experiencing decreased communication with Twitter’s ads team team because of the large number of staff who were laid off following mass layoffs.  

Musk fired about 50 percent from the original 7,500 employees after taking control in October. He has since received resignations by more than 1,200 workers. 

Musk instructed staff members earlier this month to work long hours at high intensity or risk being fired.

Musk Recently Shared Slides From Talks With Twitter Workers Citing A Drastic Reduction In Hate Speech Since His $44Billion Takeover

Musk shared slides recently from talks with Twitter workers. They highlighted a drastic decrease in hate speech since Musk’s $44billion acquisition

Slides Posted To Musk'S Twitter Page Over The Weekend Show That Between October 17 And November 13 Hate Speech Impressions Are Lower, Contradicting Earlier Reports

Musk’s Twitter page posted slides showing that hate speech impressions between October 17th and November 13 were lower.

Musk Also Reported That New User Signups Were At An All-Time High Averaging Over 2 Million Per Day In The Past 7 Days

Musk also stated that user signups have reached an all-time high of over 2,000,000 per day, which Musk said was a record.

Twitter 2.0 'The Everything App' Was Teased In The Post On Saturday

The Relaunch Of Blue Verified And New Payment Options Were Also Teased In The Post

Twitter 2.0 ‘The All App’ was teased by the post. The post boasted advertising, encrypted messaging and video, as well as the relaunch. Blue New payment options and verified

These New Figures, Counter Reports Early Last Month Which Claimed An Uptick In The Amount Of Hateful Language Being Tweeted In The Wake Of Musk Taking The Helm

These new figures counter early last month reports that Musk had seen an increase in hateful speech on Twitter.

It comes as several high-profile companies to issue statements to announced halted advertising on the site include Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Ford, and Jeep.

Other noticeable names to apparently nix their relationship with the company are cheese giant Kraft, Coca Cola, Nestle, Chanel, AT&T, CNN, Heineken, and Kellogg’s.

These companies are among the most prominent. The watchdog called them “quiet quitters” after they stopped using advertisements without issuing any formal statements.

Musk tweeted in a flippant manner that Apple may have joined that list. The mogul wrote Monday that Apple had’mostly stopped” advertising on the platform. 

The mass exodus largely stems over ethical concerns regarding the company’s new direction under Musk, 51, who has aired plans to increase revenue through subscriptions and offer users increased ‘free speech.’ 

Musk’s plans – which has already seen previously banned accounts, like the one owned by former president Donald Trump, restored – have proved polarizing not only in terms of moralsWe have taken it to odds. With companies such as Apple, whose terms allow them to take a cut of any purchases made through these ads.

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