Elon Musk claims he will create his own smartphone if Apple removes Twitter from the App Store

Elon Musk has started tweeting again, this time targeting Apple.

Twitter CEO claims Apple is now the most powerful company in the world ‘threatened to withhold Twitter’ From the App Store, but that he is not sure why.

This may be true, but tensions have been building between Cook’s and Tim Cook’s companies recently in regards to content moderation.

Musk has also avoided making an announcement about his plans to make an ‘alternative phone’ If his social media network is permanently removed from both the Apple app and Google app stores.

Elon Musk has not yet made an alternative phone if his social media network is permanently removed from the Apple or Google app stores

The New Twitter Ceo Claims That Apple Has ‘Threatened To Withhold Twitter’ From The App Store, But That He Has Been Left In The Dark As To Why That Is

The new Twitter CEO claims that Apple has ‘threatened to withhold Twitter’ from the App Store, but that he has been left in the dark as to why that is


  • For a’regular’ subscription, you will be charged a $20 monthly feeBlue Tick’
  • More ads 
  • Be flexible with content restrictions
  • Open source its algorithms
  • Increased authentication checks for spam bots
  • Cheaper ‘Twitter BlueService
  • Global users can use the Edit Button
  • Vine is back and you can integrate it with Twitter

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Both companies have policies that prevent hate speech, discrimination, harassment and other forms of harassment from the apps they host.

Despite neither Musk nor Apple CEO Tim Cook responding to the allegation in detail, CBS News According to Twitter, the execs of Twitter “say that they will continue to moderate” and he is’relying on’ them to do this.

However, Mr Musk’s recent moves may suggest otherwise, like saying he will grant a reprieve to accounts that have not ‘broken the law or engaged in egregious spam’.

He has already welcomed back Donald Trump, but the former US president decided not to rejoin, feeling more at home on his own social network Truth Social.

Shortly after, Phil Schiller, an Apple Fellow responsible for leading the App Store, deleted his Twitter account after being active on it since 2008.

While this may have been a reference to tension between the companies it did not affect Mr Musk’s severe criticism of Apple’s decisions.

He Recently, Twittered the company Advertising has been’mostly stopped. They could join the 50 other companies that have done so since his takeover on Twitter.

Apple was also accused of the accusations by the Twitter CEO. ‘hidden 30% tax’ You can make in-app purchase of the App Store hosts.

If he relaunches his $8-per-month Twitter, this tax will eat into his profit margins Blue Subscribe to our service in the next week

In Response To A Tweet From A Right Wing Podcast Host, Who Suggested He Should Build His Own Smartphone As An Alternative To 'Biased, Snooping Iphone &Amp; Android', He Said He Would Consider One As A Last Resort

In response to a tweet from a right wing podcast host, who suggested he should build his own smartphone as an alternative to ‘biased, snooping iPhone & Android’, he said he would consider one as a last resort

Twitter was at odds with Apple even before Musk assumed the helm.

Interview with the New York Times, the site’s former head of safety and integrity Yoel Roth said his team would often be contacted by reps with gripes over racial slurs and sexual content.

Apple has also suspended popular apps that do not abide by its store’s moderation rules in the past, like the ‘free speech’ Twitter alternative Parler.

It was removed in the wake of the US Capitol riot in January 2021, but was reinstated three months later after the app made its moderation policies more stringent.

Twitter users reported that they have noticed a drastic increase in anti-Semitic, racist and other types of tweets over recent weeks.

According to BloombergTwitter fired many contractors that were involved in policing the flood of hate speech and misinformation tweets.

It would be a great loss for Twitter if this app was removed from the App Store and Google Play Store. However, the Chief Twit has stated that he will not relent.

In response to a tweet from a right wing podcast host, who suggested he should build his own smartphone as an alternative to ‘biased, snooping iPhone & Android’, he said he would consider one as a last resort.


April 2Musk declares that he now owns 9.2 per cent of the company. This makes him the largest shareholder.

April 14Musk offers to take Twitter private for $54.20 per share. This would put the company’s value at $44billion.

April 25,Twitter accepts Musk’s Offer

April 29,Musk sells $8bn of Tesla shares to finance deal

May 13Musk says Twitter deal has been put on hold while bot accounts are reviewed.

May 26: Musk is sued by Twitter for stock manipulation during takeover.

July 8:  Musk says he’s backing out of the deal. Twitter sues Musk to force him to sign the deal.

October 4Musk offers to continue with the deal at its original price.

October 17Proposed trial date in Delaware

October 26Musk visits Twitter headquarters with a sink. He updates his bio as ‘Chief Twit,’ and then sets his location to TwitterHQ.

October 27,Musk officially becomes the new Twitter owner. Musk tweets that ‘the bird has been freed’.

November 1,Musk confirms his plans to alter the system of ‘Blue For $8 per month, tick’ verification via Twitter.

November 4,Musk claims he had no other choice than to lay off half the workforce of Twitter in a cost-cutting move.

November 9,Musk launches the “Twitter” BlueA subscription service that verifies accounts at a monthly charge.

November 11: The twitter Blue Due to accounts buying verification and its use to impersonate brands or public figures, service has been halted.

November 12Musk fires 80% of Twitter contractors without warning

November 15Musk fires employees who post negative comments about him on Slack, a business messaging app. The lawsuit between Musk, Twitter and Google is overruled.

November 16:  Twitter staff are told they need to sign a pledge to be able to stay on in their roles where they would be ‘working long hours at high intensity’, or receive three months of severance pay.

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