Elon Musk & # 39; doesn’t care & # 39; if employees graduated from high school if they are experts in codes or AI

Elon Musk & # 39; doesn't care & # 39; if prospective employees graduated from high school provided they can code or have a & # 39; deep understanding & # 39; of AI

  • Elon Musk says he believes education ranks second after real skills
  • On Twitter he said he doesn't care if Tesla workers have a high school education
  • Instead, he says that understanding artificial intelligence and excellent coding skills are priorities
  • The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX left Stanford University after two days.

In a call for new employees, Elon Musk says he doesn't care if applicants have a high school degree as long as they are the best in their class in coding or AI development.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX made clear their priorities in a Twitter thread announcing a & # 39; party / hackathon of super fun AI & # 39; at his residence that will include other employees who work for the Tesla AI team.

Musk said the party invitations will be sent soon. In response from a Twitter user who asked if they would have to obtain their doctorate to get an invitation, Musk said education was not the priority.

& # 39; A PhD is definitely not necessary. The only thing that matters is a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and the ability to implement (neural networks) in a way that is really useful (the last point is what is really difficult). It doesn't matter if you graduated from high school.

Elon Musk says education is secondary when it comes to hiring employees for their companies

Elon Musk says education is secondary when it comes to hiring employees for their companies

While Musk says he doesn't care about an academic pedigree, he set the bar high in other areas of interest to Tesla, tweeting & # 39; educational training is irrelevant, but everyone must pass the rigid coding test & # 39 ;.

He also added that Tesla is & # 39; obviously & # 39; looking for & # 39; world-class chip designers to join our team, based in Palo Alto and Austin & # 39 ;.

Musk's reflection on Twitter was characteristically found with a mixture of agreement and skepticism.

While some users applauded their mentality towards the educational pedigree, others questioned whether the CEO really lived according to his creed.

& # 39; You can prove if you can show me the proportion of PhD to high school graduates among Tesla employees. Otherwise, it's another cliché motivational talk. said a user.

Others praised Musk for his attitude towards hiring.

Thank you for literally being the most sane company leader there is! Choose talent based on talent, not simply following what has been heard & # 39 ;, tweeted one of his followers.

Whether rhetoric or not, the attitude seems to reflect Musk's background. The famous businessman left Stanford after a couple of days to start his first company.

Recruitment requests occur at a time when Tesla seems to be increasing rapidly.

Last month, Tesla surpassed the Volkswagen of Germany as the second most valuable car manufacturer in the world behind the Toyota of Japan, as the meteoric increase in the actions of the US electric vehicle manufacturer. UU. Reorganize the global market.

The change was driven by the value of Tesla shares, which has more than doubled in the last three months.

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