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Elly Warren: Family Struggle to Solve Mystery of Daughters Death in Africa Six Years Ago

Mystery still shrouds how a daughter was found dead behind a toilet block abroad six years ago when her ‘frustrated’ father made his family’s struggles public

  • Concerned father demands federal government investigate daughter’s death
  • Elly Warren was just 20 when she was found dead in Mozambique in 2016
  • No one has ever been charged after Ms Warren was found with cuts and bruises

Six years after his daughter’s death, distraught father Paul Warren is still embroiled in a battle to uncover the truth about what happened and wants the federal government to act.

Elly Warren, from Melbourne, was just 20 when she was found dead in November 2016 while volunteering in Mozambique. No one has ever been charged.

‘It’s extremely frustrating. It’s just incredible,” Mr Warren said on Thursday.

He and his supporters went to parliament on Wednesday and demanded that the federal government intervene to investigate the matter.

Elly Warren (pictured) was found dead in Mozambique in November 2016, two days before she was due to return to Australia

Two days before she was due to return home, Mrs Warren’s body was found outside a toilet block in the small coastal town of Tofo.

She had suffocated after inhaling sand, and there were cuts and bruises on her mouth and neck.

Despite the evidence, Mozambique police have not charged any charges, and the Victorian Coroners Court inquiry into Elly’s death ordered in 2020 has yet to find a solution.

“You’ll never get over something like that,” her father said.

“It’s just ridiculous that it’s taken so long. There’s no doubt Elly was murdered,’ Mr Warren said.

“The Mozambique autopsy report says this is a violent death and it’s a homicide, and that it belonged to two pathologists.”

Speaking on Channel 9’s Today show, Mr Warren claimed that ‘the Mozambican authorities have covered up the murder of Elly’.

A Coroners Court spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: “Elly Warren’s death is currently the subject of an active corona investigation.

“As the investigation is still ongoing, no further comment can be made.”

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Paul Warren is pictured wearing the shirt his daughter was wearing when she was found dead six years ago

Elly Warren (left) is pictured with her father Paul. Mr Warren is frustrated by the lack of answers about his daughter’s death in 2016

Mr Warren said what he sees as a lack of progress in investigating his daughter’s death is why he’s “requesting an investigation into Elly’s murder … And I’m responsible.”

“They should be ashamed of themselves. Not having those answers is the worst,’ he said.

“Mozambican authorities said there were no signs of struggle at the crime scene, and this is Elly’s top,” Mr Warren told Channel 9, removing his own top to reveal the one his daughter was wearing when she was underneath. died.

‘Look at it. It’s all torn apart,’ he said.

Elly Warren (right) is pictured with her father Paul. Mr Warren calls on Attorney General Mark Dreyfus to investigate his daughter’s death in Africa in 2016

Elly Warren (pictured) was found dead in Mozambique in 2016, but no one has ever been charged with her death

“She has a blunt trauma to her face, her top is ripped apart. Her body was moved from the beach to another location…

“Not only do we not have (answers), but there is someone out there who committed this crime and we don’t know who that is.”

Warren calls on Attorney General Mark Dreyfus to intervene.

“He should have a judicial inquiry now. The Prime Minister must intervene here. We can’t have this.’

He said he feared the same situation could happen to other Australian families ‘if we don’t do something about it now’.

‘I cannot disappoint her. I have to do this for her and I’m not giving up,” Mr Warren said.


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