Ellie Bamber flashes her bra in an orange striped suit at screening of Disney+ series Willow in LA

Ellie Bamber’s attendance at a special influencer screening of Willow from Disney+ sent pulses racing on Monday.

The actress, 25, who stars as Dove in the fantasy adventure, flashed her orange bra as she went shirtless beneath a striped suit in a darker shade.

She With a pair of sparkling mirrored heels, she added inches to her already impressive frame. She wore her ginger hair in a short cut.

Hot stuff: Ellie Bamber sent pulses racing as she attended a special influencer screening of her new Disney+ series Willow at The Magic Castle in Hollywood on Monday

Ruby Cruz (Kit), Erin Kellyman (who portrays Jade), Dempsey Brryk (undisclosed roles) and Jonathan Kasdan, executive producer, were also present.

It was a family night out for protagonist Warwick Davis (Willow Ufgood), who brought along his wife Samantha (who portrays a Nelwyn Villager), daughter Annabelle (Mims), and son Harrison (undisclosed role).

Disney+ revealed the first trailer for Willow 2 in the summer. In it, Warwick Davis wields the flamethrower and plays the role of Willow Ufgood.

Warwick, 52 was only 17 years old when he won the role of Nelwyn dwarf wizard apprentice. His character has clearly matured in the sequel set 20 years later. 

Gorgeous: The Actress, 25, Who Stars As Dove In The Fantasy Adventure, Flashed Her Orange Bra As She Went Shirtless Beneath A Striped Suit In A Darker Shade

Gorgeous: The actress, 25, who stars as Dove in the fantasy adventure, flashed her orange bra as she went shirtless beneath a striped suit in a darker shade

Beauty: She Wore Her Ginger Tresses In A Short Bob

Beauty: She She wore her ginger locks in a bob.

Pals: She Soon Joined Erin Kellyman (Right, Who Plays Jade) Inside

Pals: She soon joined Erin Kellyman (right, who plays Jade) inside

Gang: Jonathan Kasdan, Ellie, Erin, And Dempsey Bryk (L-R) Posed For Shots

Gang: Jonathan Kasdan, Ellie, Erin, and Dempsey Bryk (L-R) posed for shots

A group of people from Nockmaar Castle travel to Nelwyn in order to find Willow.

Willow looks at Princess Kit (Ruby Cruz), and she needs to rescue her twin brother. He says, “You remind me about your mother.”

Kit’s mother is Queen Sorsha, Joanne Whalley later told Willow: “My dear friend. I thought I could stop all this.” I was wrong. 

Willow and his crew then reunited with Franjean (Rick Overton), who was comic relief in the first movie. 

Beaming: Protagonist Warwick Davis And Ellie Smiled For Photographers

Beaming – Protagonist Warwick Davis and Ellie smiled at photographers

In Their Element: They Appeared To Be Delighted While Chatting Away

In their element: They seemed to be happy while they chatted away

Happy: It Was A Family Night Out For Warwick (Willow Ufgood)

Show-Stopping: He Brought Along His Daughter Annabelle (Mims)

Happy: Warwick (Willow Ufgood), his wife Annabelle and their daughter Annabelle, attended the family night-out.

Family: Warwick, Wife Samantha (Who Portrays A Nelwyn Villager), Daughter Annabelle (Mims), And Son Harrison (Undisclosed Role) Are Pictured L-R

Family: Warwick, Samantha, Warwick’s wife (who plays a Nelwyn villager), Annabelle and Harrison (undisclosed) are pictured L to R

Team: Dempsey, Erin, And Warwick (L-R) Engaged In A Group Discussion

Team: Dempsey, Erin, and Warwick (L-R) engaged in a group discussion

“Just like the old days.” Attack! Running! Horses! Mayhem!’ Rool exclaims.

Willow is captured by a group menacing trolls at one point.

Willow mocks ‘Trolls.’ ‘I’m so pissed’

Willow tells his team that they must venture beyond the boundaries of the world to discover the unknown.

“Our true enemy still exists, gathering the forces for evil and we are the only thing stopping it.” 

Trendy: Jonathan Kasdan Cut A Dapper Figure In A Black Polo Shirt And Pinstripe Trousers

Leggy: Ruby Cruz Flashed Her Pins In A Distressed Black Skirt And A Grey Sweater

Trendy: Jonathan Kasdan cut a dapper figure in a black polo shirt and pinstripe trousers while Ruby Cruz flashed her pins in a distressed black skirt and a grey sweater

Posing: Dempsey Put His Modelling Skills To Use On The Red Carpet

Posing: Dempsey put his modelling skills to use on the red carpet

Buddies: Tony Revolori And Ruby Were All Smiles

Buddies: Tony Revolori and Ruby were all smiles

Three villainous characters were seen in the trailer. One of them asked Willow, “How do you do this?”

At that moment, Sorsha (the late Patricia Hayes), Fin Raziel (the sorceress Fin Raziel) are seen as ghosts. Willow replies: “Same like last time…with friends.”

The eight-episode fantasy adventure of showrunners Wendy Mericle and Jonathan Kasdan premieres on Disney+ November 30th.

The cast also includes Erin Kellyman (Tony Revolori), Amar Chadha–Patel and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers. Talisa Garcia and Ralph Ineson are all part of the ensemble. 

Interesting: Warwick Addressed The Audience Ahead Of The Film'S Screening

Interesting: Warwick addressed the crowd before the film’s screening

Here It Is! He Put On An Animated Display As He Introduced The Picture

Here it is! He As he introduced the picture, he put on an animated performance

Ensemble: (L-R) Jonathan Kasdan, Warwick Davis, Amar Chadha-Patel, Tony Revolori, Ellie Bamber, Erin Kellyman, Dempsey Bryk, And Ruby Cruz Completed The Line-Up

Ensemble: (L–R) Jonathan Kasdan. Warwick Davis. Amar Chadha–Patel. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolorori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Tony Revolori. Ellie Bamber. Ruby Cruz.

Christian Slater, a nineties icon, appeared in September at the D23 Expo in Anaheim with Warwick to announce that he would be playing a mysterious Indiana Jones-type character for Willow.

“Well, there are elements of [Indiana Jones]The 53-year-old Golden Globe winner teased that he was “,” Extra TV.

“I just did the ADR. It was amazing to see it. [of the Lost Ark]. It was great for me to be able to see my character moving along to the music. That was a great experience.

Val Kilmer (who played the role of the mercenary, swordsman Madmartigan) might not make it to the first season of Willow. But he’s still ‘a huge component of this.

Jonathan Kasdan, co-showrunner of the show, stated that Val was the first person to whom he had a conversation when Warwick got permission to do this. Yahoo Entertainment Mai

‘Because we were shooting during [the COVID-19 lockdowns]Unfortunately, he was not able to travel to Wales to shoot with us. But he is still very involved in the show. We’re very excited about it…Madmartigan continues to live on!

Grammy nominee at 62 years old, the vocal chords of the Grammy nominee were damaged by two tracheotomies.

Ron Howard’s original 1988 film, which was heavily inspired from The Lord of the Rings, earned $137.6M worldwide box office despite poor reviews.

Disney+’s Willow premieres November 30th. 

Good Watch: In The Summer, Disney+ Unveiled The First Full Trailer For Its Willow Sequel , In Which Warwick Davis Wields A Flamethrower As The Titular Character Willow Ufgood

Good watch: In the summer, Disney+ unveiled the first full trailer for its Willow sequel , in which Warwick Davis wields a flamethrower as the titular character Willow Ufgood

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