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Elizabeth Olsen Says It’s “Ridiculous” Doing Her Own Stunts: “There Is a Double for a Reason”


While some actors live for the thrill of doing their own stunts for projects, Elizabeth Olsen isn’t one of them.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Late Showthe Love death star told Stephen Colbert that she found most of her stunts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe “ridiculous”.

When she specifically did stunts attached to a wire, she explained, “Your stomach is leaving you.” It’s like, I think, the joy people get on rollercoasters, which I don’t understand, but people love that feeling.

The Godzilla actress said that when she first started doing stunts she would just laugh, but that she’s “definitely recovered from my dizziness.” Sometimes I’m like, ‘Okay, how many more do you want? I can do this all day, something like that. But sometimes it drives me a little crazy.”

She even remembered filming a stunt before Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, where she had to be dropped from 30 feet in the air. “They wanted to drop me pretty quickly so it looked like it had impact, but I kept landing like Peter Pan, sort of fencing,” she said. “I was like, ‘Just use the duplicate. This is so ridiculous. There’s a duplicate for a reason. Like face replacement.’ They do it all the time.”

But Olsen said they ended up using her version of the movie. “We’ve had so much technology, growth through these movies, and they just chose to really use me,” she added.

While she didn’t all of her own stunts in the Sam Raimi-directed Marvel movie, the Avengers: EndgameThe actress said she did most of them, “which is a waste of everyone’s time because a stunt double does it so much better.”

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