Elizabeth Banks recalls feeling insecure about photos of her ‘chicken feet’ and ‘raging acne’

Elizabeth Banks weighs in on how photographs affect the perception we have of ourselves.

on her new Audible Original Podcast My body, my podcast, the Charlie’s Angels director spoke to the right place star Jameela Jamil about wading through a culture that seems to make people, especially women, insecure about their bodies. Banks noted that her own insecurities crop up when she sees what she says is an unflattering photo of herself.

“Images of myself have always influenced me,” Banks recalled a time when she attended a “big dance at school” with a friend who was “kind to me.”

“We had a great time,” she shared.

Elizabeth Banks pictured in 2019. (Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

However, her view of the night changed when she went to CVS to see the photos she had developed from that night.

“This is before social media,” she explained. “I confronted a photo of myself afterwards, way after the fact, and it changed my whole perception of the night I was having. The night I experienced this dance I had a great time. I got that photo and the only thing true all I could think about was, “Oh my god, all anyone looked at was my chicken legs and my raging acne, and my shiny forehead.” I still notice that it can ruin an evening for me, I still feel that feeling.”

Now Banks can look back on the situation and reflect.

“Self-images are incredibly powerful and never more images are created than now, and never more tools like filters and Photoshop to alter those images,” she said. “It’s important to be reminded that images are not our bodies. They’re just pictures of our bodies.”

The Pitch Perfect star previously spoke about how she was asked to change her body by an agent earlier in her career. As she explained on the smartless podcast“The first cop I ever met in LA… said to me, ‘Have you ever thought about getting a boob job?’ All I thought was: I’m not having surgery and I don’t know why we’re talking about it in a professional setting.’

Banks speaks out about many issues with her body: Her new podcast features episodes on everything from menstruation to sex and pleasure, with guests like Laverne Cox, Lindy West, and Peggy Orenstein.