Elegance coach reveals how to look ‘irresistible and expensive’ at a Christmas party

An Elegance has revealed how to appear ‘irresistible and expensive’ when attending a Christmas party this winter.

Anna Bey, She splits her time between London, Geneva and took to YouTube to unveil the seven ensembles that will help women avoid looking ‘tacky or awkward’ during the festive season.

Her YouTube channel has over 1.45 million subscribers. She shares self-help videos that offer advice on how to infiltrate high society, good etiquette and avoid making yourself look tacky on social media.  

FEMAIL shares her top choices in outfits – including a wrap midi silk dress, a one-shoulder ribbed dress and a mini fringed strapless dress.


Anna stated that it is exciting to wear a dress with a little colour and makes you stand out at parties.

Anna stated, “Isn’t it exciting when dresses have a little bit of color going on? And especially if you go out to a party, then you will definitely stand out a little in a positive manner if your dress has colour.” 


Anna explained why a wrap silk, midi dress was the best attire for Christmas party.

“And what makes this dress feminine is all those frills, as well as the very lightweight material that the dress follows your body in an extremely feminine way.

The fabric is what makes this gown so special. The silk fabric elevates this dress to a level that makes you feel elegant wherever you go.

“Why I believe this dress works is because it’s medium-length. It covers the top but doesn’t show too much.

“It also shows off your beautiful silhouette so it doesn’t look boring even though it is a cover-up dress.

“Does this work if I was going to an office Christmas party?” It does. This is because it’s conservative, but also a bit “center of attention”. But what if you’re going to a club? A dress like this would not work in a club, in my opinion.


“I don’t like wearing short dresses such as this,” said the elegance coach.

They are uncomfortable for me.  They are not flattering for me. 

“And at my age, I feel like I need just a little more coverage than a mini-dress. 

“However I am aware that there are many ladies watching my channel and maybe you are one of them. Maybe you want to show a little more of your legs, a little more skin and you really want to wear something small.

Anna expressed her disapproval for mini dresses that are body-con. She explained that she is fine with wearing different styles of mini dresses, like a “beautiful” silk dress with a boat neck cut.

The Elegance Coach Admitted She 'Doesn'T Really Wear Shorter Hemlines' Because She 'Doesn'T Feel Comfortable In Them'

The elegance coach confessed that she doesn’t wear shorter hemlines because she doesn’t feel comfortable in them.

First, the fabric, silk adds elegance. The second is the fact that it is not figure-fitting, despite being a mini dress. This makes it a classy and elegant dress. 

‘Because if [a mini] The dress was too body-con. It’s loose and it gives off that “I’m trying so much to look sexy!” energy.

“If you’re going to wear a minidress, you need to be aware of three areas. It’s important to know how much skin and cleavage are visible, as well as C if the dress is fitted. If you have all three of these things, you can make it too heavy. You can hit one, and you can hit two. But, it’s impossible to hit all three.

“But, can you wear it at your office Christmas party?” It’s way too sexy. No, no, no, no. You can wear it to a club. It’s perfect for clubs because it’s more visible and feminine.


Anna Said She Loves Fringe Dresses For 'Many, Many Reasons', In Part Because Of How Fun The Movement Of The Dress Is

Anna mentioned that fringe dresses are her favorite because of the fun and fluid movement. 


Anna confessed that she wouldn’t wear the dress. It is recommended for those women who are athletic or younger and want to show some leg.

“So, what I really love about this gown is the polka dots tulle material. It is very feminine. It’s almost seductive. It’s actually quite nice, as it covers your arms.

“Because this dress is different, you’ll feel naked if you take off the tulle. This will cover it up and make it more sophisticated.

“I love the sweetheart neckline. It looks great and flatters all body types. It won’t be too noticeable on women with some cleavage. It will cover up a little. 

“Would this look good at Christmas? It’s too short, ladies. For that event, I would cover it up more. Would I wear it to a party? Definitely. This is a great idea for a club, as it makes the members more visible.

Anna said, “When you don’t know if something is too big or how you’re going to fit in somewhere,” a black dress will always do the job, unless it is too revealing.

‘I am wearing this beautiful fringed dress. It is so pretty and I love it for many, many reasons. It’s so much fun! 

A fringe dress is a good choice if you plan to dance a lot. You can feel the joy of moving your hips, and it makes you feel like you’re part the dance.

“Fringe dresses are also great for travelling with, let’s just say, a carry-on only. You can literally toss them in your bag. 

This dress doesn’t require you to take your steamer along. They are wrinkle-resistant. 

“But, one thing to be careful about is that fringes can add some width to someone’s body. It doesn’t always happen, but it depends on the style of the dress.

“So, does it work for the office Christmas Party? It’s possible, ladies. Definitely. It’s not too much and it’s perfect. The fringe dress will blend so well that you’ll feel at home.

“Does it work in clubs?” Because you’re going be dancing a lot, I would answer yes. This is a great idea for a club.


Ladies, if your goal is to impress a man, and make him feel irresistible, you should choose a stunning dress that showcases your figure. Anna said that he will go insane if you choose the red color.

She Additional: “Whether your waist is a sacroiliac or not, you can still look good.” [ruched] The ruching elements here will make it appear as though the dress is a illusion.

“Midi dresses don’t need to be boring. Although I don’t show much skin, I feel very seductive right now.

“Does this dress work for an office Christmas party?” It’s acceptable because it covers and feels Christmassy, even though it does have a touch seductiveness. It is so covert it doesn’t matter. What about in the club? Yes, I do look very seductive and cute.

Anna Advised If You ;Want To Impress A Man And Make Him Find You Incredibly Irresistible' Then It Was Important To 'Choose A Beautiful Dress That Shows Your Figure'

Anna suggested that if you want to impress a man, and make him feel irresistible, then you should ‘choose beautiful clothes that show your figure’


Anna wore a bright, retro 60’s-inspired dress in one of her last looks.

She Explained: ‘This dress is beautiful to wear to formal occasions.

Let’s suppose you are going to a party, such as a Christmas party at work. You can wear this dress. You should not wear this dress if you are going to a club. It will make you feel old and grandma. 

This is something that you should pay attention to ladies when shopping for party dresses. While you may not find the right style for you in a club setting, there will be some styles that would work well in a more casual setting.

“This one is absolutely stunning, especially because of the flattering A-line shape. An A-line works well on almost all body types.

Anna Showcased A Vibrant, 'Typical Kind Of Retro, 60'S Inspired Dress' For One Of Her Final Looks In Her Video

Anna showed off a vibrant, retro-inspired 60’s inspired, brightly colored dress in one of her final videos.

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