Elderly woman with dementia driven by paramedics to Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

Touching moment when dying woman is driven by kindhearted paramedics for one last look at the Three Sisters – and it sparked an incredible memory

  • Evelyne Collins, 85, suffers from dementia and leukemia and is in palliative care
  • She was treated at Blue Mountains Hospital for blood transfusions
  • During the trip, her paramedics took her to the Three Sisters lookout
  • Ms Collins said she “felt special” that the staff had taken her to the iconic lookout point

An elderly woman suffering from leukemia and dementia was able to stare at the Three Sisters as her paramedics made a special stop on the way to the hospital — and the incredible gesture even brought back memories of a long-forgotten trip with her husband.

Evelyne Collins, 85, of Penrith in western Sydney, is receiving palliative care and had to be transported to Blue Mountains Hospital for blood transfusions.

The paramedics who took care of her, Judy Andrews and Mike Horan, decided to take a different path and surprise Ms. Collins by taking her to the iconic spot.

Ms Andrews said it was safe to do so given Ms Collins’ condition, she and her colleague decided to stop whenever they had a ‘quiet’ moment en route.

Evelyne Collins was taken to the Three Sisters lookout in the Blue Mountains by her paramedics before being treated at a nearby hospital

“We drove her down and as she looked around she had a moment of clarity and said she remembered going there with her husband a long time ago,” the paramedic told the police. Western Weekender.

“She had a beautiful glow and a happy look on her face, so I took a picture to send to her daughter Kim, who said the family was overwhelmed that we would take the time to do that.”

Mrs. Collins couldn’t believe that her caretakers had taken the time in their busy schedules to take her to the lookout.

“It made me feel special,” she said. “It makes all the difference if you are treated with patience and kindness.”