Elder Scrolls 6 release date, news and rumors

<pre><pre>Elder Scrolls 6 release date, news and rumors

Bethesda granted fans of Elder Scrolls everywhere when studio boss Todd Howard on E3 2018 confirmed that the developer is working on the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls 6.

Although we only caught a glimpse of a short teaser trailer, rumors immediately began to speculate about where the latest title of Elder Scrolls will be placed, when released and when we will hear more.

We have collected all the news and rumors about The Elder Scrolls 6 in this handy guide. Here is everything you need to know.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The long-awaited sequel to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • When can I play it? Not fast
  • Where can I play it? PC is a safe bet, as are the latest console generations

Release date Elder Scrolls 6 – when can I play it?

We might as well get rid of the bad news – you probably will not play The Elder Scrolls 6 soon. The good news, however, is that it is confirmed that you will be able to …and last but not least.

The game was confirmed during the E3 2018 conference of Bethesda, but nothing more than a logo was given. We do not even have a subtitle or a release year. Todd Howard said the game comes after Starfield, the next big IP of the company. That means Elder Scrolls could be 6 years away.

Elder Scrolls 6 trailer – when can I watch it?

The only visual material we have of Elder Scrolls 6 is a very short fragment of the game logo. Other than that, you may wait a little while to see more. We think E3 2019 is a safe bet. Or maybe it is leaking ahead of time.

This is the announcement trailer:

Elder Scrolls 6 – what do we know so far?

Bethesda is a busy studio: it does not just work on a brand new IP address, it also continues to develop for Elder Scrolls Online and it takes on the long-term commitment of Fallout 76. And that is only in the main RPG franchises. There is still much to do elsewhere with mobile games, Dishonored, Prey and others.

Thanks to Todd Howard, we know that Bethesda is working on two huge new titles at the same time, although their developments are rather staggered.

We now know that one of them must be Elder Scrolls 6.

After returning to Skyrim for a while, Howard compared it to seeing an old friend from high school, adding that the time had given him the chance to see Skyrim as a gamer for the first time.

This would be the perfect time for us to apply this new perspective to the next title in the series.

We can at least say that we know that it is not simply called Elder Scrolls 6. There will be a colon and another word to complete the title if previous releases have something to offer.

Where will it be placed?

We are also willing to bet that like all other games in the series it will be set on the Tamriel continent, whose map is below.

Previous games have taken us to Highrock, Hammerfell, Morrowind, Cyrodil and Skyrim. Valenwood, Elsweyr and Black Marsh are the biggest places to explore. Although there is still a lot of Morrowind left to explore, we think a lot of that will be covered in the upcoming title of Elder Scrolls Online.

So, Valenwood, Elsweyr or Black Marsh. Which seems most likely? Rumors online point heavily on Black Marsh, the home of the Reptilian Argonian race of the world.

There is no real reason for this rumor, but the swampy marshes and the network of islands would mean an interesting geographic change for the series, although it is a geography that opens up to comparison with the Witcher 3. It is probably the region of Tamriel of which we are least aware, so that Bethesda has plenty of room to be creative.

That said, Elsweyr would also be an interesting change in geography with its dry plains and rough badlands that call the Khajit home.

It would be nice to learn more about the culture of the Khajit or the Argonians, so both extremely different settings have an understandable appeal to fans.

There is however a rumor that Elder Scrolls 6 could be set up in Valenwood. Valenwood is the home of the Bosmer and it is an area of ​​Tamriel that Bethesda has not explored much.

The rumor that the game will be placed here is based on a reported internal Bethesda memo of all the time in 2014. In this memo, Bethesda employees are said to be keen to use the terms Fallout: Nuka World, Elder Scrolls VI or Project Greenheart.

Although it was initially considered a fake, Fallout: Nuka World eventually became a big DLC ​​release for Fallout 4, which gives a bit more weight to the rumor that Project Greenheart is in fact the code name for the next title of the older roles. The fact that Greenheart is a city in the green Valenwood region makes it even more interesting.

Forest and jungle are hard to get into games and it would be very interesting to see how Bethesda becomes creative with the part of Tamriel that is said to have rejected civilization and embraced the wilderness.

It's hard to tell by the short E3 clip we have of the game, but our first impression is that the game world is much more like Valenwood or Elsweyr than Black Marsh.

In an interview with EurogamerTodd Howard confirmed that the team has settled at the location – but he will not tell us where.

What functions can we expect?


A function of which we are pretty sure that it is part of the game to some extent, is building houses or making cities. Skyrim introduced the idea to design and maintain a homestead with its Hearthfire DLC, which developed Fallout 4 with the introduction of the settlement mechanics and the older Scrolls rebuilt online with its Homestead DLC. This leads just as well to a further expansion of such functions in the next title of Elder Scrolls because it still did not feel at all in Fallout.

It would be a function that would fit particularly well in the Valenwood-setting rumors, when it came to the player who adapted to the wilderness in the way that the inhabitant Bosmer has with its treetops. In a similar way, the player used debris and mess to edit their settlement in Fallout, they could use their natural environment to do this in a beautiful contrast in Elder Scrolls.

A whole new story

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Todd Howard said that Bethesda is investigating exactly how it relates stories in his games.

Howard noted that Skyrim and Fallout 4 approach somewhat different approaches to stories, with Skyrim opening up things to the player's and Fallout's vision that leads them more firmly through a story

Now he says that the studio is looking to "tell a better story in an open world." He said: "With each of our games we had successes and failures and if you ask us internally, we have new ideas that we want to investigate in the future because we feel that we have not really broken it as we think it is. could be. "

By being aware of the differences between Skyrim and Fallout's storytelling approaches and the fact that both have positives and negatives, this suggests that the next title of Elder Scrolls might find a kind of balance between letting the player rule completely free and tell a story about his character.

It is difficult to deny that The Witcher 3 has had a huge impact on what players expect in terms of a fascinating story in an open world game.

Although we do not want Bethesda to make a Witcher copy in any way (we are not sure if this is possible), it does put a certain strain on Bethesda when it comes to achieving environmental and environmental aspects of high quality. search-based story.

What we do not expect to see, however, is multiplayer. Skyrim certainly does not suffer from a lack of multiplayer and it would not at all make sense to record online multiplayer gameplay while the Elder Scrolls Online are still rolling.

Virtual reality

It is in no way a certainty, but the fact that Bethesda has released a full VR experience for Skyrim means that there is no question of it.

What would we like to see?

Well, something that we would like to see and fully expect to see are improved graphics and reduced bugginess. The remastered version of Skyrim showed how far things have come visually since the first release of the game, so we fully expect that every title that follows from that standard is not much higher, depending on how far away the game is.

There's actually a pretty good chance that the game can be created with a brand new game engine – after it has created a completely new engine for Skyrim, we do not think it's unlikely that Bethesda will do the same for Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout sequences.

The Bethesda game studio in Montreal is currently looking to hire an engine programmer, so it's worth looking at this space.