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Elden Ring tops an extremely unusual ranking: gaming tattoos! – WhatsNew2Day


Since the hashtag has been on Tik Tok for some time gamingtattoo trendet, the online shop for care products humanity launched a study on the most popular gaming tattoos on the internet. As part of the study, the most popular games were identified as tattoo motifs of the year to date, and Elden Ring was crowned the winner.

Which games are the most popular?

The study evaluated the data for 165 games and 60 characters. Search queries from the year 2023 were considered and the percentage increase in queries compared. Elden Ring’s placement is unsurprising given its tremendous success.

With about 1,900 monthly searches on Google it has achieved a 310 percent increase in interest compared to last year. This makes it the most popular tattoo motif on the internet. In addition, #eldenringtattoo has reached 67,000 views per month on Tik Tok. A Twitter user shows which motifs are already being engraved:

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The second place goes to the story masterpiece The Last Of Us. True it scored only nearly 1,000 monthly searches on Googlebut at least it has one 296 percent increase in popularity can achieve. You can see how other games have placed here:

Game Percentage gain in popularity
1.) Elder ring 310 percent
2.) The Last Of Us 296 percent
3.) Paladins 150 percent
4.) Grand Theft Auto 100 percent
5.) Hogwarts legacy 100 percent
6.) Luigi’s Mansion 100 percent
7.) Ori and the Blind Forest 100 percent
8th.) Stray 100 percent
9.) rocket league 80 percent
10.) Pikmin 67 percent

Tattoos keep finding their way into the gaming world, often in a humorous way, like in some of these stories:

Do you also have gaming tattoos or are you considering getting one? Regardless of whether it’s an option for you, which game would you most likely get a tattoo for? And where would you place it? Can you understand why the Elden Ring is such a popular motif? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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