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Elaine Ng Reflects on Her Harsh Parenting


Following numerous celebs who are doing live selling, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) is likewise signing up with the pattern. While talking with audiences on her newest livestream, she confessed that she was too severe on her separated child Etta Ng (吳卓林) in the past. Considering that Etta married Canadian social networks character Andi Autumn in 2018, they have actually been having a hard time economically to make ends satisfy. They lived briefly with Elaine, the couple moved to Canada after regular arguments. Etta and Andi were spotted in October 2022 lining up free of charge food on the streets of Toronto, looking exhausted and listless. Regardless of Etta having actually totally cut contact with Elaine, the starlet still reveals love for her. Self-reflecting on her controlling parenting design, Elaine openly shared that she did not enable her child to do numerous things, which triggered Etta to hold excellent animosity. After much dispute, Elaine recognized she required to let her child go and explore herself. Without experiencing the world herself and making errors, Etta would not discover and grow. Hearing Elaine confess her errors, numerous netizens reveal their compassion for the single mom who needed to handle teenage disobedience and raise Etta alone after her affair with Jackie Chan (成龍) ended. In her previous interviews, Elaine constantly firmly insisted that she has no remorses on her previous relationships however feels that the kids included are the most innocent. As their past can not be altered, Elaine can just hope Etta will forgive her extreme parenting and they will fix up once again quickly. Source: [1]

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