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eFootball 2023 reaches the 200 millionth goal and symbolic prizes on the occasion


Fans of the round witch and the football game that grows with us day by day eFootball 2023 are always eager to know its latest news, and the reason for that is because it has realistic and exciting experiences for fans of the most popular sport in the world. Whether you want to play for your favorite teams or build a career as a successful player, it will give you the chance to shine and have fun.

We shared with you a few days ago that the developer, Konami, revealed the details of the update of Season 5 of the football game eFootball 2023, which will bear the name “European confrontation”, as its activities will continue from May 11 to August 3 of this year 2023.

Konami recently celebrated goal number 200 One million in “Goal Rush” since the release of the series in its new look, where the first goal was achieved at a rate of 60 million Hilal goals last year, and now the second goal of achieving 200 million goals has been achieved by players all over the world, and thus there will be a third underlined goal, which is 400 million goals scored. This figure will certainly not be difficult for fans of the series.

On this occasion, Konami announced the gifting of some valuable prizes, which consisted of granting 3 guaranteed 5-star standard tickets to all eFootball players, while the goal number 400 million prizes would be valuable coins.

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Recently, eFootball celebrated its mobile version With the passage of 6 years since its launch on mobile platforms, and on the occasion of this, the developer also presented a set of gifts to all players when logging in, such as the Show Time card for Bruno Fernandes in addition to Campaigns, challenges, round events, and more.

We remind our dear followers that there are many ongoing activities offered by the free football game eFootball 2023, the game is presented today rewards Rewards that all players can obtain by completing various challenges in the game.

You can earn a variety of rewards by playing and completing the indicated number of User Matches or “VS AI Matches” against the AI. This is excluding Online Quick Matches, Friendly Matches, Test Match and Training.. Find out more.

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