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eFootball 2023 mode: Become A Legend.. When will it arrive, leaks and more | -WhatsNew2Day


Although the free soccer game eFootball 2023 is starting to find its way into the hearts of former PES fans, this audience is still calling for the return of some important game modes such as Become A Legend and Master League.

Become A Legend and Master League are among the most important game modes of the previous PES game. Before the new game took its place with many changes, most notably its transformation into a free game with the features of live service games.

Through this report, we want to take you on a tour of everything we know about the possible return of the Become A Legend game mode in eFootball 2023. But first, let us introduce you to the idea of ​​​​this mode, especially for new fans who have tried PES before.

What is the eFootball 2023: Become A Legend game mode?

The Become A Legend game mode is one of the most popular game modes found in the previous PES game. It allows you to build a custom player of your choice, or you can choose one of the pre-existing star players in the game.

Just like the Career Mode in the popular FIFA soccer game series, Become A Legend has become one of the most exclusive game modes and is famous for its depth and immersive features.

The “Become a Legend” game mode is not only characterized by the enthusiasm and excitement that takes place on the field as you watch your player, whom you have built and qualified with skills, shake the nets of opponents, but also the targeted cinematic scenes and the drama off the field made this mode more exciting and plot than any other game mode.

When eFootball 2023 released, fans were disappointed by the absence of both Master League and Become A Legend modes, but that could change in the coming months.

Konami has confirmed that the Master League game mode will arrive in the game at some point as a paid DLC. Which takes us out of the framework of free play, as is the case with the basic game.

No Master League features have been confirmed yet, with Konami keeping their cards under wraps. Since there is no specific release date for its launch, and the price has not been specified, we are also not sure how long we will have to wait for more details regarding the situation.

When can Become A Legend mode return?

At the moment and until the moment of writing this report, Konami has not talked about any plans to bring the Become A Legend game mode back to eFootball 2023. Unlike the Master League game mode, where there has been no talk of Become A Legend since the PES series was abandoned before more than two years

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If the Become A Legend game mode ever returns, we may have to wait several years, not months, for that. Especially since the Master League mode that Konami promised to bring back to the series since last year has not yet found its way into the game and has not even received a release date.

While the news that Become A Legend is out of reach is disappointing for fans of this lost mode, we know that things could change in the future, and the game’s expanding fanbase may force Konami to change its stance and reintroduce this classic once again.

In the event that this happens and Become A Legend is reinstated, we expect it to arrive in the form of paid DLC, as is the case with Master League.

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