Efficiently Manage Your Vacation Rental Property With These Tips

Real estate has always been an excellent thing to invest in because it frequently provides consistent returns. In some areas, there’s an abundance of properties whilst in others, there’s a drought that pushes up house prices. If you’ve invested in the vacation rental business, you will need to manage your property efficiently if you want to be profitable and successful. If you’re wondering how to do this, read on because their article will provide you with some invaluable property management tips.

Let Software Help You

There is a multitude of rental management software and tools available, many at low cost or even free. It’s therefore wise for property managers and owners to take advantage of the advanced features these solutions offer. It can pre-fill forms with data from past guest stays, remind guests when they need to update their personal information, track leads and contacts and even help you with your tax.

Besides the actual company websites, there are also some that provide reviews. As regards vacation rental tech providers you can view the top 30 companies and discover the many benefits they have to offer. This can be anything from reservation management, booking engines, mobile apps, multi calendars, and channel management.

Keep It Clean

It’s essential that you consistently provide a clean and safe environment for your guests when they arrive. Having clean restrooms, showering areas and kitchen appliances are very important if you want to delight your customers and encourage them to come again.

If you can’t do this work yourself, employ a professional cleaner or cleaning company. Draw up a legal contract and cleaning schedule so they will know exactly what is required from them and when.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

This is important, especially if you plan to have any building work that could cause disruption. It may be there are shared drives or other areas where you will need to make joint decisions in the future, so it’s vital that you remain on good terms.

Your neighbors may also be prepared to look after your property while you’re away and let you know if there are any issues. If so, be sure to reward them and reciprocate wherever possible.

Regularly Check The Property

This is important considering you could have a steady flow of different guests. Be sure to keep an eye out for any potential problems like water leaks or faulty appliances that could lead to costly repairs down the line. Request that guests leave feedback on their experience at the end of their stay so you can address any issues or concerns they had about the property.

Whenever necessary repair, replace, or upgrade things that need attention. If you replace the window and doors, it could save on things like heating costs. Modern white goods, toilets, and showers can also help save on utility bills.


Keep It Homely

Here are some practical tips:

  • Set up a guest book so that visitors can share their thoughts regarding their stay
  • Leave some snacks in the kitchen, such as cereal or granola bars 
  • Have plenty of towels available – even if they’re just for decoration. Also, make sure you have enough sheets and pillows available
  • Consider installing a washer/dryer combo unit so that guests don’t have to worry about laundry while they’re away from home
  • Add some plants to help improve the air quality indoors, and also to make the property more aesthetically pleasing
  • Provide your guests with information about local attractions, grocery stores, and restaurants

Choose A Property Management Company

It may be that you own several properties or don’t have the time to oversee your investment. In this case, hiring a property management company might be the best option. One of the benefits is that they will probably have more experience managing properties than you. They’ll know how many homes in your area typically rent for and what kinds of amenities potential guests would expect to have. Property managers can also take care of tasks like scheduling repairs.

By letting someone else oversee the day-to-day management of your property, you can use your time to focus on other things such as growing your business.

Buy Insurance

This can help protect your property and its contents against damage, fire, flooding, vandalism, or theft. It can also cover your legal expenses should someone be injured on the rental property. Insurance is mandatory in many cases, so you should definitely take this into consideration when renting out your property.

Should the unthinkable happen, take pictures of all damage and keep a record for submitting your insurance claim.

Think Of Emergencies


You should communicate details of evacuation routes and assembly points for guests and staff. You need a disaster preparedness plan for fires and floods. It’s very important to have working smoke alarms installed on every floor of the home. In addition, if you have a fireplace, wood stove, water heater, oven, or furnace ensure these appliances are properly vented and clean.

Security Cameras

There are many benefits to adding these to your property:

Camera footage can help resolve guest disputes

They keep your guests safe by monitoring entry points, parking lots, and exterior areas

They can protect you from liability claims in case a crime occurs on your premises or if an accident takes place there

They deter theft, vandalism and other destructive behavior

They save time and money on repairs

They are watching when you aren’t!

Medical Issues

It’s important that you display contact details onsite that can help guests should they need a doctor, dentist or hospital. This way your guests will know what to do at any time of the day or night.

You now have a clearer picture of how you can successfully manage your vacation rental property. Whether it’s alone or using cleaners, software or a third party management company you should ensure that your clients are happy and safe during their stay. In turn, you will be safeguarding your property as a valuable investment that will continue to provide income for many years.