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3 Effective Methods to Protect Your Sofa from Stains

Are you worried about your beautiful sofa fabric and want to keep the stains at bay? If yes, then this post is for you. No matter how careful you are with your furniture, mishaps happen. To protect your upholsteries from accidental spills, you should have safe sofa stain protection Perth. Along with that, here we have given 3 methods that will vanish your worries! Read to learn more.

Method 1: Get a sofa stain removal Perth Treatment

 Firstly, you can ask your furniture store if they provide any pre-treatment for the upholstery when buying the sofa. That’s the most affordable option, but it depends on the furniture company. They use Teflon or nanoscale atoms to protect the fabric.  

You can also contact sofa fabric protection service for a stain removal treatment. Sofa owners should clean their upholsteries by professionals at least once or twice a year to keep them looking fresh. That also protects the fibres from harmful germs and soil particles.

 Method 2: Sofa Stain Protection  

A straightforward way to keep your furniture from getting stained is to use stain protection. You can ask any sofa stain protection services for such treatment. The professionals apply the protection evenly on the fabric, and it protects it from accidental spills and other stains.

 For this, you have to find a reliable upholstery Cleaning Perth expert. You cannot rely on any company. If you have a regular professional cleaner, you can inquire about this service. If not, look for a company that offers top-notch stain protection.  

Here is how you can take care of your sofa after applying the protection:  

  • Vacuum your sofa at least once a week and remove all dirt and soil particles. Wipe the spots from your upholstery and sofa legs. That will keep your sofa clean, and you won’t have to worry about tough stains.  
  • Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight. Exposure to harsh light may weaken the fibres and cause discolouration.  
  • Check the sofa legs and other corners for stains and dirt. Also, hire professionals for yearly deep cleaning.  


Sofa stain protectors work as stain blockers and prevent tough stains. Even though you have a stain protector, you should care for the fabric. However, for this, you need quality upholstery protection. Make sure you hire the best sofa stain protection Perth experts for this job. 

Method 3: Use Rollers, Covers and Vacuum Cleaners  

Besides applying an upholstery protectant, regular cleaning and upkeep will keep your sofa looking smart. If your sofa already has dirt or filth piles, it will be tricky to remove any stains. If you spilt something on your sofa, the dirt and soil particles stick to the particles of spills, and the spill can go deeper into the fibers. You can also use sofa covers to protect the original upholstery. So, try these methods or call Lounge Cleaning Perth and keep your sofa always shiny! Connect with professionals, and they will help you know more.