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Edge 114 update rolling out, brings back mouse gestures feature


Microsoft has started rolling out Edge 114 updates for all users. The new update brings several new features, changes and improvements along with web browser bug fixes. However, the main highlight of the update is the gesture controls. In addition, the update also includes workspaces, a new online collaboration tool built for web browsers.

Edge 114 gets mouse gestures
Microsoft removed mouse gesture support from Edge when it moved to Chromium. However, with the latest update, the company is bringing the mouse gesture feature back to Edge. For those who don’t know, this feature allows users to navigate on Edge without moving the mouse cursor or clicking any button.

Edge 114 update includes about 16 new mouse gestures. However, the feature is a bit complicated to enable at the moment. However, the feature has been rolled out to the stable version.

The update also includes a new Workspaces feature that allows users to collaborate with others through the web browser.

Follow these steps to enable mouse gestures in Edge.

Right-click on the Edge shortcut and choose Properties
Now click on the Target field in the Properties window
And paste the following command: Paste the command with a space after the patch
Click OK to restart the Edge

Once done, you can now adjust the mouse gesture settings in the browser. When you’re done, you can now drag your mouse to the left to go back or to to go forward and more.


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