Top 10 eCommerce Website in Nepal

Best eCommerce website in 2021

When the world was flourishing with eCommerce, buying and selling online in Nepal seemed like a dream just a few years back. These days you can find anything online and the online business is booming in Nepal.

The development and expansion of technology have made the possibility of eCommerce in Nepal come true. After ‘eSewa’, the first payment gateway in Nepal was introduced, eCommerce was promoted even more through cashless or digital payment.

Although major eCommerce are operating only in major cities, there are few eCommerce businesses that have been the talk of the town.

Here, we talk about the top eCommerce website in Nepal.


Daraz is the most popular online marketplace in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Now, Daraz is rapidly expanding in Asia’s marketplace, offering the best shopping experiences to customers. Initially, Daraz came into the market with the name “Kaymu”. Kaymu has now merged with Daraz, resulting in a single store under the Daraz brand, as well as a platform to unite sellers and buyers. In 2018, Daraz was acquired by a popular Chinese eCommerce giant, ‘Alibaba’. You can find almost anything in Daraz ranging from clothing to electronics.


For customer-to-customer services, Hamro bazaar is the best and most popular shopping website. Hamrobazar follows quite a different protocol in the eCommerce aspect which is why it is considered to most user-friendly and easier among the bunch. They bring buyers and sellers together by allowing sellers to list their goods for free. The fast delivery of desired goods, product promotion through the internet, and establishing a contact channel by connecting buyers and sellers are the hallmarks of this online hub. No matter you have a shop or you’re an individual looking to sell one of the products that didn’t work for you, hamrobazar is where you should go for fast services.


Another online shopping website that customers nowadays have been talking about is OkDam. offers an amazing shopping experience through secure and trusted portals with your most loved brands. It offers products from all classes ranging from Fashion, Home Appliances, Furniture, Health care, and even Fitness and Sports. It is also similar to Muncha where you can send gifts to Nepal from abroad. You can get everything on OkDam under just one umbrella.


SewaPasal is also one of Nepal’s biggest online shopping website in Rautahat Nepal that has been working and serving for the online shopping experience of users for a long time. SewaPasal allows panels for both Buyers and Sellers to buy and sell products online through SewaPasal.

SewaPasal also sells products for Men, Women, Kids, Electronics, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Grocery, Food, and more.

According to SewaPasal “ is your Ultimate Online Marketplace where you can choose to buy products. Apart from new products, SewaPasal is a platform of for second-hand products. is not just limited to Online Shopping and is also a platform for News, Events, Deals, Community Forum, Polls, Quizzes, Videos, and Contests. Explore FAQs.”

So, SewaPasal can also be one of the best choices of yours for Online Shopping, News, Events, and many new things to find online.


InternetPasal is another classified marketplace website that is quite similar to Hamrobazar. Along with being an online shopping platform, it also promotes buying and selling both with easy way. Along with connecting buyers to the products, it also provides a platform to sell new or even second-hand products. You can buy and sell the products from Automobiles, Books, electronics, furniture, home appliances, and many more.

All classifieds InternetPasal accessible from your phone, tablet, or website! Use all InternetPasal features to find right thing at any convenient time.


Kchayo is also one of the fastest growing Nepal’s online shopping website. Kchayo deliveries are mostly free inside Kathmandu valley and a small surcharge is added for orders outside the valley. They guarantee the returns and exchange of the products within the specified period of time.

It provides products in all categories, such as Men’s, Women’s, and Kids. You can browse electronic gadgets, accessories, clothing, and much more.


SastoDeal is one of Nepal’s largest and most well-known online shopping websites, providing services across the valley. This online business aspires to motivate both consumers and vendors in order to have the best online shopping experience possible. If you are searching for a cheaper option, Sastodeal is the one you should look for. It provides items in all categories from Men’s, Women’s, and even Children’s fashion, ranging from clothes, electronics, accessories, and many other products.


Another new concept hovering in the eCommerce industry in Nepal is Metrotarkari. It is a delivery service that delivers out basic needs that are fruits and vegetables on your doorstep. As most of us are busy and involved in more than one job, earning, and trying to sustain in an expensive world, people sometimes have no time to invest in buying fruits and vegetables every day. Metrotarkari has made this possible by providing a platform to buy hygienic and fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as meat without any delivery costs.


Another quickly growing eCommerce website in Nepal is With wide varieties of products under 500 different categories with more than 10,000 assortments, Socheko provides a platform for national as well as international brands. This eCommerce claims to put the right price on every product available on its website. is something you must try for a better online shopping experience.


Another unbeatable price and fastest delivery is SmartDoko online shopping platform. It is quite the newly eCommerce website that has stepped into the world of online shopping sites in Nepal and has made its way to the top 10 in just a few years. SmartDoko is considered the dark horse of the online business in Nepal. It focuses on the quality of products and has been growing immensely with smart promotions on social media. The high level of reliability, responsiveness, and great customer service has made SmartDoko one of the best.


One of the first and the most popular food delivery services offered in Nepal is Foodmandu. Although in 2021, you can find a number of different food eCommerce in Nepal but Foodmandu is one of the firsts and one of the pioneering food delivering services in Nepal that aims to make people’s life easier through technology.

In just a few clicks, the food from your favorite restaurant comes to your doorstep as fast as possible. Foodmandu offers its services in 100 different areas of Kathmandu and Lalitpur and has been trying to expand its horizon outside of the Kathmandu Valley as well.

Final say

Online shopping website has grown immensely in just a few years in Nepal. Now, in 2021, you can buy almost everything from an online platform making life much easier. This article presents you top 10 amazing online shopping websites that most people use in Nepal.