EaseUS Data Recovery – Best Data Recovery Tool

Best Data Recovery Tool

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, the proper management of data assumes a lot of importance and essence. If you are someone who is looking for an improved degree of performance with the right management of your data, a capable data recovery tool is what would assume a lot of importance. In your search for the best data recovery software, you would also need to be careful about the safety of the tool. 

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One of the perfect tools for an efficient data recovery that comes to one’s mind when searching for a free data recovery tool is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Is it safe to use it for your data recovery requirements? Let us check out the details of the data recovery software in finer detail. 

What is EaseUS Data Recovery?

Simply put, EaseUS data recovery is a data recovery software that has been developed to help you recover the data that may have been deleted accidentally or by any program inadvertently. 

The software is available on both Windows and Mac. It can even retrieve your data from RAID storage or even from the external drives. Of course, the software is more geared towards professional and enterprise users. However, that should not matter much as the tool also offers you access to good performance with respect to the individual user. 

Does EaseUS Data Recovery Really Work? 

Yes, definitely. As long as our experience with the software goes, we found it working exactly as promised. When we used it on our test systems, we found it recovering even those files that other data recovery tools failed. 

The data recovery process is quite simple and easy to go with. We found the data recovery process to be extremely faster when compared to the other tools. The tool could recover a 2TB platter drive in around 10 hours. That was the time taken for a full scan. If you are checking out the specific files, or file types  – you can get it done even faster. 

A Few Features on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 

Some of the features that would make the free data recovery software a worthy option for your data recovery can be summarised as –

  • It can recover your lost data from practically any platform. The tool works in recovering the data from PC, Laptop, external storage devices. 
  • The tool provides you great flexibility in recovering your data wherein you can search, stop, and pause the data recovery process. 
  • A quick and deep scan functionality 
  • You can even import or export all your scan results. 
  • It can recover almost all types of files without hassles. 
  • Ability to handle a wide range of data loss scenarios that include disk file corruption, virus attacks, system crash, accidental deletion, and raw partition deletion. 

Is EaseUS Safe?

Our experience with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard clearly indicated that it is quite reliable and safe to use in almost all scenarios. It does take enough care to safeguard your privacy to the best possible extent. 

The software makes use of the secure 256 bit SSL encryption for almost all files. That should be one of the prime factors that makes it one of the exciting options for a free service. All your recovered files are encrypted and you can opt for different encryption options depending on your requirements. 

Yet another factor we found impressive with the service is that it has a very high TrustPilot rating making it all the more reliable option ever. We have not come across any spamming or other reports with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and will definitely consider it a reliable and safe data recovery tool ever. 

The Closing Thoughts 

In our test with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, we found it quite adept and effective in handling the data recovery operations quite efficiently and effectively. The ability to handle even the toughest recoveries rather efficiently is one of the factors we found it quite efficient in. 

Moreover, despite being a free tool, it does provide you a very safe operation with access to a few outstanding safety protocols. You can definitely use the tool safely for your data recovery requirements of any nature.