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EA: The next Battlefied game will be an important part of our future.. | -WhatsNew2Day


EA first talked about the upcoming Battlefield game during its most recent fiscal quarter earnings call. Where she hinted at what we can expect in the expected part that is supposed to compensate for the failure of the current part.

During the discussion, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson spoke briefly about the future of the Battlefield title. This is according to TechRaptor. According to Wilson, the next game will be a big part of EA’s future, and he’s excited about what’s to come for the game, praising the team’s leadership in bringing the title back. He continued speaking:

“I think we have put together an exceptionally creative leadership team. The team has already met this week in Sweden. I got a call this morning with some of the leaders and they’re very optimistic about how the development of the new part is progressing. I think we have extraordinary confidence in this team and extraordinary confidence in the progress they are making against the future of this title.

Wilson went on to say that the team behind the next Battlefield game is building not just a game, but a “platform” in order to continue to “deliver live for decades to come.”

However, it won’t be much more than that, stating that they will share more with us as the time comes.

“We’re not just building a game, we’re building a platform and content as a platform to deliver live services over the coming decades. And so, as we continue to move through that process and become relevant, we’ll share more about the future of Battlefield, but the idea is firmly embedded in the first pillar of our strategy, building games and experiences that entertain huge online communities across platforms. The next one will be a meaningful part of our future, and we will share more as time goes on.

There is still no set date for revealing more information or even a release window. All we know is that the next part will try to compensate for the failure of the current part.

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