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EA makes a bad joke, gets relentlessly flamed

Electronic Arts, the outright king of casual mistakes, made a woefully unwise tweet yesterday, and the company’s Twitter mentions have not been at peace since.

The tweet follows the convention of a popular meme circulating the bird app describing a person as very attractive, then listing something about that person that would immediately make them unattractive.

In EA’s case, the quality that would make the person unappealing is the fact that they prefer single player games. Now I understand that this should be a message. I’m going to interpret this as a dig at the kind of people who say they only play games that offer a deep, introspective meditation on the human condition (aka the kind of people who play it). The last of us or Bioshock Infinite their whole personality) while humiliating the people who enjoy a game or two of Battlefield 2042 with the six or so people in the server at any given time

I get the joke.

But it’s really rich to the point of secondhand embarrassment to have Electronic

Arts make this joke.

And the developers who’ve worked on some of EA’s single-player games aren’t laughing either.

EA is one of the largest video game publishers in the world. The decisions it makes affect not only itself, but also the industry. Surely there are better ways to use his time than hitting the one thing it has to be dragged, kicking and screaming to do, right? It also can’t be great to have the company essentially deciding whether your studio lives or dies, lightly making fun of how unappealing your work is. It must feel even worse in the case of Respawn and BioWare, who are currently working on sequels and follow-ups to some of the best single player works EA has ever published.

EA has acknowledged that the joke may have been in bad taste, posting a tweet stating that the ensuing beating on social media went up and down to the point that Hymn trending again was deserved.

Call me crazy, but I think the gaming community would be much better off if we just stopped mocking the yums of others.

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