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Dying Light 3 casts its shadow ahead and now your opinion is asked for – WhatsNew2Day


Survivor, pilgrim, nightrunner or GRE agent – who would you like to play in a new Dying Light?

Dying Light 3 coming? At least that one Franchise Director Tymon Smectala of Techland don’t want to come out with it (yet). Still, he’s been putting out his feelers on Twitter, asking fans of the zombie series what protagonist they’d like to play in a potential third installment.

Voters can choose between four options:

  • a simple one survivors
  • one night runner (Members of a kind of special unit who, in contrast to simple survivors, also dare to go out on fire-dangerous nights)
  • one pilgrim (a type of courier that roams the country and usually doesn’t survive more than two years)
  • one GRE agentswhich turns to good (the Global Relief Effort is actually an aid organization, but it is marked by corruption and primarily pursues its own goals to rake in profit.)

The results paint a clear picture: With only four percent, very few players want to play a pilgrim again after Dying Light 2, which originally included Aiden Caldwell. At 19.5 percent, the respondents are more interested in a night runner, or at 33.7 percent in a survivor.

But the clear favorite is undoubtedly the refined GRE agent. Not surprisingly, that description pretty much describes fan-favorite Kyle Crane – the protagonist from the first Dying Light. Many fans had already hoped for his return in Dying Light 2.

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No official announcement!

As already mentioned, Tymon Smektala emphasizes that the survey is about no official announcement of Dying Light 3 acts. Even if Techland plans a sequel – and it definitely can’t be ruled out – Smektala’s post would imply that it’s still a long way off.

Techland is currently working on a new open-world action role-playing game that relies heavily on fantasy elements. There isn’t too much information about it yet. In the meantime, Dying Light 2 will continue to receive new updates, such as the recently revealed Gut Feeling (check out the trailer for it exclusively at IGN) that brings changes to the combat system, transmog, and new quests.

What would you wish for Dying Light 3 if Techland actually announced the sequel at some point? How much did you enjoy Dying Light 2 – did the sequel live up to your expectations? What are your hopes and expectations for Techland’s fantasy RPG? Let us know in the comments!

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