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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not visit the dying mother until the end because of the coronavirus rules

AMSTERDAM (REUTERS) – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte only visited his 96-year-old mother eight hours before her death this month because of the lockdown measures in the Netherlands, his office said on Tuesday (May 26).

Mieke Rutte-Dilling passed away on May 13, Rutte’s office announced on Monday.

She did not have the coronavirus, although there were Covid-19 infections in the nursing home where she lived.

“The prime minister complied with all coronavirus control measures and did not visit his mother for more than eight weeks,” the prime minister’s cabinet said in a statement.

However, the restrictive measures leave room to say goodbye to a dying family member during the very last stage and the prime minister stayed with his mother last night. “

The details emerged amid controversy in Britain over a decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top adviser, Dominic Cummings, to drive 400 km from London during a mandatory coronavirus shutdown.

Cummings has defended his trip to stay on his family’s farm and said his actions were reasonable under the circumstances, fearing he wouldn’t have childcare if he and his wife had contracted Covid-19.

His decision to travel during the lockdown has caused anger at some in Britain, and several Johnson Conservative party lawmakers demanded his resignation following angry voter reports.

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