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Duel with Brazil: Siegemund has important insider tips.


In terms of sport, Laura Siegemund will initially only play a supporting role in the Billie Jean King Cup duel with Brazil.

Team boss Rainer Schüttler is counting on Anna-Lena Friedsam and Tatjana Maria for the first two singles in Stuttgart on Friday (4:00 p.m.). On Saturday, too, Siegemund will probably only be used in doubles.

And yet the 35-year-old is of great value to Schüttler in advance. Because nobody knows the Brazilian top player Beatriz Haddad Maia in the German team as well as Siegemund. At the WTA Masters tournament in Indian Wells in mid-March, Siegemund played in doubles with Haddad Maia and even reached the final.

“Of course I took another close look in Indian Wells,” said Siegemund on Thursday. “Beatriz is an excellent player who played a very strong season last year,” said Siegemund. “It will be a big task for each of us to win against them.”

But with the insider tips from Siegemund it should succeed. And if it comes down to doubles in the end, the Swabian can very likely bring her knowledge to bear on the pitch herself. Because the US Open winner in doubles 2020 should be set for that. Just like Haddad Maia with the Brazilians.

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