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Drunk man falls asleep with ring strangling his penis and scrotum


Doctor help, I fell asleep with 9 metal rings on my genitals: Drunk man, 44, needs FIREFIGHTERS to strangle his intimate zone in eye-popping case

  • The 44-year-old man from Australia had nine metal rings of 1 cm in diameter placed on his penis
  • He thought the rings would help him stay upright, but fell asleep after having sex

A drunk man fell asleep with nine metal rings strangling his genitals, doctors have revealed in a dazzling case.

Firefighters were required to cut through the stainless steel with an electric saw to save his penis and scrotum.

The 44-year-old from Australia used the heavy steel rings in hopes it would help him stay upright.

He then fell asleep after having sex and woke up three hours later in great pain to find the rings still on his now swollen genitals.

Medics tried to remove the metal rings, which were only 1 cm (0.4 in) in diameter, with ring and bolt cutters, but were unsuccessful.

A drunk man fell asleep with nine metal rings strangling his penis and scrotum requiring firefighters to cut the stainless steel with a power saw (pictured is a file photo of metal rings similar to the patient’s)

They then enlisted the help of the fire department, who used an “industrial electric circular saw” to cut off the rings while the man was under general anesthesia.

Doctors at Gold Coast University Hospital in Queensland said the man was in great pain and anxiety when he arrived at the emergency department.

An examination showed that his penis and scrotum were significantly swollen, tender and bruised, prompting medics to an IV of opioid pain relief, according to the article published in Urology Case Reports.

During the surgery to remove the rings, a tongue depressor and gauze were used as a barrier between the penis and the saw to protect the man’s member from damage.

The rings were also sterilized with cool saline to prevent thermal injury from the power tool.

After all nine rings were successfully removed, doctors performed a cystoscopy — a procedure to look inside the bladder with a thin camera.

The test showed that the patient’s urethra was irritated and swollen, so a catheter was inserted for a week.

He did not require further surgery, but reported mild erectile dysfunction in the two months that followed.

The patient told medics that he had not taken any drugs before the incident.

Urologists who reported on the case said penile strangulation is rare and therefore can be a challenging medical emergency.

The authors wrote that there is no typical standard of care protocol for dealing with penile strangulation and that emergency departments often lack the equipment or knowledge of the tools needed to cut them.

Strangulation of the penis for an extended period of time can cause blood flow to be cut off and obstruct the flow of fluids, they said.

If left untreated, it can lead to irreversible damage to the penis, requiring amputation in severe cases, the report says.

Sexual gratification, non-medical treatment of erectile dysfunction and psychiatric disorders were cited as the motivations for using foreign objects on the penis.

As sex toys and erectile dysfunction medications have become more easily accessible, the authors expect cases of penile strangulation to drop.

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