Drummoyne, Sydney, woman leaves note for driver parked in front of her home

Neighbor feud erupts in one of Sydney’s wealthiest neighborhoods over a single car parked on the side of the road: ‘It’s a disaster, it’s ridiculous’

  • A resident of Sydney left an angry note with a driver
  • Their park in front of her house blocked road works

An irate woman who spent months fighting to resurface her street left a scathing note for the car parked outside her home after it stopped road workers from patching up the ash felt when they finally arrived to fix it.

Roza McQueen shared a photo of the driver she sarcastically called a “legend” parking outside her home in Drummoyne, Sydney Harbour.

Ms McQueen said she spent months fighting with the council to resurface the street behind her house.

But when the roadworks crew finally got to work, a car was parked in front of her house, leaving Mrs. McQueen with an ugly stretch of the old road in front of her driveway.

So Mrs. McQueen left a note calling out the driver’s behavior, claiming it was inconsiderate.

Drummoyne resident Roza McQueen left a passive-aggressive note on the windshield of a car (above) parked in front of her home after it blocked roadworks

A sign on the windshield of the car said, “Wow, you are such a legend.

“I really appreciate you leaving your car here. Yeah, the front of my house looks like shit.

“Park in front of your house.”

A second note on the back of the car read: “Thank you for parking your car here when roadworks were scheduled.”

Mrs. McQueen signed off both signs as “Karen.”

However, the frustrated Sydneysider said the passive-aggressive tones weren’t the first to leave her.

She explained that she had left a note earlier this week after the council warned her that the road in front of her house would not be repaired if she did not move the car.

Mrs Mcqueen Left A Total Of Three Notes For The Driver, The First Asking Them To Move Before The Roadworks Arrived, While The Last Two (Above) Taunted Them For Not Being Able To Move

In The Notes (One Above) She Sarcastically Called The Driver A

Mrs McQueen left a total of three notes for the driver, the first asking them to move before the roadworks arrived, while the last two (above) taunted them for not being able to move

“The first sign was a warning to move the car, they are coming on Thursday. I gave them a week’s notice and it’s still there,” she told Sydney radio station 2GB.

“It’s a disaster, it’s ridiculous.”

Ms McQueen said she tried calling the council to rebuild the road but was disappointed.

“I called the council, they said ‘oh no that’s not good’ and I said ‘yeah it’s not, I want it fixed’ but even if they fix it there will still be a patch” , she said.

“We have waited a really long time for this. They resurfaced it, re-patched it for months, and finally it happened.”

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