Driving Safer in the Holiday Season as a Learner

Learner Driver Safety Tips for Driving During the Holidays

The holiday season is often filled with friends, celebrations, and more dangerous roads. With many new learner drivers experiencing this for the first time, it’s necessary to learn a few safety tips. Here are the best ways that you can improve your driving safety as a learner driver.

Safer Drivers Course

Attending the Safer Drivers Course in NSW is a brilliant way to enhance your vehicle control when this holiday season. You’ll learn to reduce risks and anticipate any hazardous incidents. The course uses classroom lectures and behind the wheel lessons to prepare you for the road.

The Benefits

Safety Drivers Course are also great due to everything you’ll learn and that it counts as 20 logbook hours. You’ll quickly identify hazards on the road and reduce the risk of causing an accident. The course also teaches you a variety of low-risk driving techniques that you’ll use for years to come.

The Length

As you’re likely rearing to start the holidays, time is a factor. The entire course is done within five hours. You’ll spend most of the time in class, but you’ll have to do two hours of lessons behind the wheel.

How Useful Is It?

A Safer Drivers course is one of the best ways to prepare to drive this holiday season. As the roads are riskier, the tactics you’ll learn are handy. However, having an experienced driver next to you can help if you can’t afford the lessons.

Ensuring Your Vehicle Is Road Worthy

This is often a major oversight that many forget, but ensuring your car has functioning brakes, enough oil, and no driving issues is a must. The easiest way to do this is to visit a mechanic. However, observing your stopping distance and regularly changing your oil is an easy way to track if the car is roadworthy.

Clear Distractions When Driving

Distractions may seem fun, but they can quickly cause an accident and damage your vehicle or worse. There’s a myriad of things that can grab your attention for a few seconds, leading you to a possible disaster.

Using your phone

Using your phone to text or make calls severely diverts your attention and cause you to skip a red light. This endangers both you and any pedestrian or motorists near you. 

Cellphone use is the second largest cause of deaths due to driving while distracted. It’s responsible for twelve per cent of all distracted driving fatalities. If you absolutely need to make a call or text, pull over or get a hands-free headset. 

Disruptive Passengers

As a learner driver, you must have an experienced motorist next to you in the passenger seat. However, you can have additional people sitting in the back. 

If your friends or family that’s seated behind you become disruptive, try to ignore them or ask them to behave. Distracting passengers cause five per cent of fatalities related to driving while distracted. 

Tiredness or Daydreaming 

Globally, driving while tired or lost in thought accounts for over sixty per cent of fatalities from distracted driving. This is easily avoided by getting a good night’s rest and having your experienced driver keep you focused. 

GPS-enabled Technology 

There’s a variety of useful tools you can quickly set-up with a GPS. These let your family members monitor where your car is and help you create zones of dangerous areas you’re not ready to drive through yet. 


Geo-fencing is a handy tool for anyone still uncertain of their ability behind the wheel. It lets you create zones that notify you if you’re entering a dangerous area or busy road. 

GPS pinpointing

This lets your family members view your vehicle’s location. The feature is helpful if you’re ever in an accident or stuck in a traffic jam. However, the tool is oriented more for your loved ones than yourself. 

Make the Choice

Driving safe as a full or learner licensed driver is a conscious choice you have to make. It’s easy to get distracted, learn poor driving methods, or enter areas before you’re ready. Choosing to put away your phone and focus on the road is an excellent start to this holiday season.