Driver’s huge Sydney toll road charges for NorthConnex, M2 and Lane Cove Tunnel

Visitor shocked after trip to Sydney cost $45 in tolls as locals offered advice on how to avoid the cost

  • A driver has shared the dazzling amount he had to pay for tolls in Sydney
  • The Reddit user collected $45 in tolls for a one-way ticket to Darlinghurst
  • Other users gave advice, including using an app like Waze to calculate route costs



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A visitor to Sydney was shocked to be hit with $45 in tolls after driving into the city for just one day.

The driver shared a screenshot of the cost over the weekend and said they were going to Darlinghurst and back and “told their GPS to take the fastest route including tolls.”

“I wasn’t expecting nearly $50 in costs. Is this normal?’ the driver wrote online.

The driver took to Reddit to complain that he had to pay more than $40 in tolls for a return trip to Sydney’s Darlinghurst

Commenters to the post replied that unfortunately this was not uncommon ‘when taking all possible toll roads in and out of the city’.

‘NorthConnex plus the M2 plus the Lane Cove tunnel will cost you $21 and I think it might have saved you 10 minutes,’ one wrote.

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“Those prices are tagged, license plate recognition is another 60c for each of those,” added another.

A third complained that Sydney was the ‘world with the most roads’.

But a few locals gave advice on the best way to avoid the cost.

One pointed out the times when the toll could be ‘worth it’, usually when getting in and out of the school, as the roads ‘overflow from the schools’.

“The time you save with the NorthConnex, Lane Cove and M2 isn’t worth $20 otherwise.”

A user pointed out that the person was driving from northern Sydney.

“The best way would have been to go down Pacific Hwy to Gordon and then left onto the M2 at North Ryde,” they suggested.

“That would have saved you about $30 and it’s considerably shorter to the north end of NorthConnex.”

Some users pointed out that the NorthConnex, Sydney’s newest toll road, is quite expensive (pictured)

Others offered helpful advice including to avoid the NorthConnex or use an app like Waze to calculate the routes

Another pointed out that there are GPS apps like Waze that can give you multiple route options with a fairly accurate estimate of the cost and how long they will take.

Transport NSW also offers tolls calculator website showing the total cost for each selected route.

Many users said that the NorthConnex and the M2 were especially expensive, each at over $8 for a trip.

The M2 Hills motorway was opened in 1997 as part of the Sydney Orbital Network.

The $3 billion NorthConnex is a 9km twin-tube tunnel and Sydney’s newest toll road, opening in 2020.

It completes the Sydney Orbital Network and provides a fast-flowing highway that circles the city.


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