<pre><pre>Dribbble & # 39; s CEO accused of suspending an artist's account due to criticism of site changes

A prominent artist on Dribbble accuses the CEO of the portfolio sharing platform to suspend his account after a series of tweets criticizing changes to the site. Artist Timothy J. Reynolds has been a vocal critic of Dribbble's changing policies since the company was taken over by small in 2017. On Tuesday, he quoted CEO Zack Onisko & # 39; s Twitter thread of changes that came to the site to share his criticism, and was blocked by the CEO and his Dribbble account suspended.


The last remaining co-founder of Dribbble, Then Cederholm, the company left this week and left Onisko at the helm. Onisko emphasized a series of changes on the site, including the phasing out of global scoreboards in favor of a new algorithm that decides which designers will be on the homepage. As an experienced Dribbble user with more than 50,000 followers, Reynolds expressed concerns about the company's new leadership and the rising cost of pay-overs for customers to search for designers.

The edge reached for Reynolds, who confirmed that he could not find any place where he could site guidelines. Reynolds contacted Dribbble support several times and was told that his account was temporarily suspended after receiving multiple community flags, despite not posting on the site within five months (he still logs every day) in). The edge sent the CEO of Dribbble via Twitter DM the question if he had time to talk, and Reynolds regained access a few minutes later. Onisko has yet to respond.

A growing number of Dribbble users have been questioning the site's business decisions since the acquisition. The platform has been criticized for raising prices for both users and customers looking for artists, organizing design competitions that claim rights to submissions, and working with sponsors such as Fiverr, many designers say they are deteriorating the quality of their work.

Dribbble has not yet responded to a request for comment.