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Dredge is the best horror ever!


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Dredge is the best horror ever!

What are you actually afraid of the most? Be crazy? Then you are only affected by the sixth most common phobia of mankind! Before that, for example, there is the fear of other people. Think about it.

In this 15-minute podcast we talk every week about our personal favorite games that we can’t get enough of at the moment and that we absolutely want to recommend to you.

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As a hardened horror expert, Natalie has little fear left. But the unknown in deep water can still give her a queasy feeling, especially when she is all alone with her thoughts.

The fisherman role-playing game Dredge is not only an absolute Steam favorite at the moment, it also creates a horror that Natalie hasn’t experienced in a long time. Why is that and what does it all have to do with the fear of animatronics sunken in the water – you hear and see that in the new episode “What do you play like that?”

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