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Drake Bell states that he became aware of his wife, Janet Von Schmeling’s, desire for divorce through media sources.


Troubled child star Drake Bell said he learned his wife Janet von Schmeling was seeking a divorce after reading about it online.

“I found out my wife filed for divorce from TMZ,” Bell said chirp In the early hours of Friday. He then posted a link to a YouTube clip of his new song, goes away.

“I know exactly what you’re going to do, with all I said that wasn’t right, when will everyone get an idea, we’re not the same,” sings Bell, 36. It is unclear what the inspiration for the track was.

The video shows Bell sitting in the first class cabin of a 1960s-style plane. The ride descends into debauchery as the passengers get drunk while performing on each other.

Von Schmeling, 28, said in court documents that she and the actor initially separated in September 2022.

News of the divorce came a week after Bell disappeared in South Florida after threatening suicide. He was later found unharmed

Just last week, child star Drake Bell was reported missing by the Daytona Beach, Florida Police Department

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Bell said the reason behind the split after four years of marriage was irreconcilable differences, the outlet reported.

The couple are parents to a one-year-old son, White Bell, whom von Schmeling seeks for primary legal and physical custody of him.

Von Schmeling said she was open to Bell receiving a visit from their son as part of the divorce agreement.

The news comes a week after the actor took to Twitter on April 13 to express his shock at the widespread news that his family had reported him missing, and officials had issued an alert saying he was missing and endangered.

“You leave your phone in the car and don’t answer all night and that?” Bell wrote on Twitter, with a face accompanied by a tears of joy emoji.

The Newport Beach, California-born artist was reported missing by the family before police found him around 1pm EST on April 13 in Florida.

A source said the Nickelodeon alum “caused a stir” with the family before he was reported missing — and was then found by police hours later. us weekly.

The source said, “There have been some contacts with family members that are causing concern, so they are worried about him and are looking for him.”

The source said some of his relatives weren’t even aware he was in Florida where his estranged wife Von Schimling lives with their young son.

Bill was seen out in public on Tuesday during a trip to SeaWorld in Orlando with his son.

Von Schmeling said that the reason behind the separation after four years of marriage were irreconcilable differences.  Pictured in 2017 in Los Angeles

Von Schmeling said that the reason behind the separation after four years of marriage were irreconcilable differences. Pictured in 2017 in Los Angeles

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A fan told TMZ that he greeted the actor and that he was “nice and sweet, but he looked so good.” ”

The Daytona Beach Police Department confirmed earlier: “At this time, we can confirm that law enforcement officials are in contact and that Mr. Bell is safe.”

The series of disturbing events follows years of erratic behavior including multiple DUI arrests and a guilty plea to charges of attempted child endangerment and publication of juvenile harmful material for which he received two years’ probation.

In January, Pell reportedly entered therapy weeks after appearing to be sucking on a balloon in the front seat of his parked car for more than thirty minutes outside his home – with his son in the car.

Soon after, the star and his wife Von Schmeling, also an actress, divorced, and the latter moved to Florida with their son, Jeremy.

Then on Friday, the former kid was seen running errands in his Los Angeles neighborhood, heading to a local vaping store.

He entered the store on his own, wearing a black T-shirt and black slacks with black sneakers, before emerging several minutes later with a shopping bag.

In December, DailyMail.com revealed exclusive photos of Bell, best known for his roles on Drake & Josh and The Amanda Show, inhaling inflated balloons in the front seat of his car parked outside his Los Angeles home.

Wearing a basketball cap and a pair of sunglasses, he was seen inflating and deflating the pink balloon for more than half an hour.

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