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Drag baby performer’s father defends son as a ‘professional’ who has done nothing


EXCLUSIVE: ‘He’s a performer!’: Dad of Drag Baby performer defends son as a ‘pro’ who did nothing after jumping around in thigh-high spiked boots for bondage routine in front of babies and parents

  • Ben Loader dressed in bondage attire as he dangled from the ceiling
  • His dad Steve said his son is a ‘circus performer’ and he’s ‘really proud of him’

The father of a crossdressing baby performer, who starred in a highly criticized sensory show, defended his child, claiming he is a professional and did nothing wrong.

Ben Loader dressed in bondage gear as he performed acrobatic sequences from straps dangling from the ceiling as babies and their parents watched at the Caba Baba Rave event.

Ben, who studied at the National Center for Circus Arts specializing in aerial rope, wore black spiked thigh-high boots and black tight shorts for the event.

His father, Steve Loader of Cornwall, explained that his son is a ‘circus performer’ and that he is ‘really proud of him’.

He said: ‘He’s a circus performer – part of his performance is daring and another part is completely normal.

Ben Loader dressed in bondage gear as he swung from the ceiling during his Caba Baba Rave performance

The father of a drag baby performer, Steve Loader, defended his child for claiming he is a professional and did nothing wrong

The father of a drag baby performer, Steve Loader, defended his child for claiming he is a professional and did nothing wrong

‘I don’t think the criticism he receives is justified, he is an artist.

“I imagine these people in the pictures brought their babies there. It’s up to the parents what they do, isn’t it?

‘Ben is the most beautiful person in the world, he’s talented and just a fantastic guy.

“I don’t think this controversy will stop him. He attended the London School of Circus Arts.

“I’m really proud of him, we’ve always supported everything he does.”

Caba Baba Rave, who have canceled their show in Waterloo, London, scheduled for March 11, also featured half-naked drag, burlesque and “BDSM” acts with “dirty” names.

I seriously question the mental capacity of the parents who think it's okay to bring their unsuspecting child to these perverted performances

Caba Baba Rave’s next stop was in Waterloo on March 11, but it has now been cancelled

What we are witnessing is children's insensitivity to highly sexualized themes, but it seems permissible, all in the name of 'diversity and inclusion', when it is anything but

Women and babies interact with a drag performer at an event that promises “engaging baby sensory moments.”

The Flair Ground show received backlash from parents and celebrities who were angry at the “highly sexualized” event.

Critics, including Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington, were accused of transphobia when they called it morally wrong and “not for babies.”

Clips and promo shots for Caba Baba Rave showed a drag performer, who has a drag name that is a pun on anal sex, doing a handstand on a chair in a leopard print thong and gloves.

Another performer, who has a similar rude name, can be seen in a bondage style outfit performing acrobatics from a swing suspended from the ceiling. One photo showed a topless woman with rainbow hearts on her nipples wearing only a red thong and holding a toddler in the air.

The show was hosted by twin moms Gemma Daubney, 38, and Liz West, 37 who described themselves as ex-performers.

The show, which cost parents £23.50 a ticket, billed itself as a ‘little slice of afternoon delight’ that alternates cabaret with ‘engaging baby sensory moments’ before ‘ending in a rave’.

The latest controversy comes after months of protests over events like Drag Queen Story Time, where drag queens sit and read stories to children.

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