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Dr Nick Coatsworth makes surprising admission about Covid hit

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Dr Nick Coatsworth (pictured) said he has received three Covid vaccines,

Dr Nick Coatsworth, who helped lead Australia’s response to Covid-19, has revealed he will not receive any more vaccines against the virus.

Speaking to Ben Fordham on 2GB on Wednesday, the former public face of Australia’s fight against Covid-19 shockingly admitted he has run out of Covid vaccines.

‘Are you still being vaccinated against Covid?’ Fordham asked.

“No,” said Dr. Coatsworth.

‘When did you stop doing that?’

“About two years ago, I had three vaccinations and that was enough for me.”

‘Any reason why?’ Fordham asked.

“Because I don’t think I need any more Ben, and science tells me I don’t need it,” Dr. Coatsworth said.

Dr Nick Coatsworth (pictured) said he has had three Covid vaccinations, ‘and that’s been enough for me’.

Dr. Coatsworth told Ben Fordham:

Dr. Coatsworth told Ben Fordham, “I don’t think I need any more Ben, and science tells me I don’t.”

Current advice from the Department of Health and Aged Care state: ‘Regular COVID-19 vaccines (also known as boosters) are the best way to maintain your protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death from Covid-19.

‘They are especially important for anyone aged 65 or over and for people at higher risk of severe Covid-19.

“As with all vaccines, people are encouraged to discuss available vaccine options with their doctor.”

This is not the first controversial statement Dr Coatsworth, Australia’s former deputy chief health officer, has made about the Covid vaccine.

In February this year, Dr Coatsworth admitted imposing vaccine mandates was wrong after the Queensland Supreme Court ruled forcing police and paramedics to get vaccinated or lose their jobs was “unlawful”.

In his research presentation, Dr Coatsworth said mandates should only be a “last resort”, “time-limited” and imposed by governments, not employers.

Although Dr Coatsworth noted that Australia had assembled a team of top medical experts to advise on handling the pandemic, he said they lacked an ethical framework, meaning the focus became too narrow.

“This allowed for the creation of a ‘disease control at all costs’ policy that, while appropriate for the first wave, was not well suited to the vaccine era,” he said.

Dr Coatsworth argued that the restriction and testing policies adopted to limit the deadliest first strain of Covid in 2020 persisted far beyond their relative benefit, leading to workforce and testing shortages across the country.

He also thought that different approaches among states and between states and the federal government confused the public and eroded human rights.

“I strongly recommend that the inquiry recommend amendment of the Biosecurity Act to ensure that all disease control powers rest with the federal government during a national biosecurity emergency,” Dr Coatsworth wrote.

Dr Coatsworth was appointed one of three new deputy chief medical officers under Brendan Murphy at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

He now works as a doctor in Canberra and is employed by Nine-Fairfax channels and newspapers as a presenter and health expert.

He appeared on Fordham’s show to design a new TV show he’ll host with Tracy Grimshaw, Do You Want to Live Forever?

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