Dr Matt Agnew, Bachelor, teases a reality TV return

Dr Matt Agnew, Bachelor’s astrophysicist, teases a potential reality TV return. But he will only do it under ONE condition

Dr Matt Agnew stole hearts when he joined The Bachelor to find love.

The 35-year-old astrophysicist has remained out of the spotlight ever since, releasing his first nonfiction book, Dr Matt’s Guide To Life in Space.

The hunky scientist however, revealed that Yahoo Lifestyle Friday’s show showed that there’s always a chance of him returning to television – so long as it’s a good cause.

Former Bachelor star Dr Matt Agnew teased a possible return to reality television – provided it’s for a good cause 

The self-described’space geek’ said to the publication that he didn’t feel like a star enough to appear on SAS Australia and I’m A Celebrity as his Bachelor co-stars. 

Agnew stated that he would be willing and able to leverage his television platform to help a charity.  

“It would have be the right opportunity. Many of them have a charity type of thing attached to it and I’m always open to leveraging the platform I’ve been blessed to contribute in that manner,’ he stated.

The astrophysicist indicated that he would be open for another show if he could raise funds for charity.

He continued: ‘But it’s certainly not something I’m kind of actively pursuing, and certainly I wouldn’t be looking into another dating show or anything of that kind of nature.

“I mean, it’s fun if there’s an opening and it seems fun, and especially if it has a charity component. I’d jump at it.”

Agnew appeared previously on Today Extra to take part in The WorldHelp raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation by watching’s Greatest Shave live. 

According to the self-described space nerd, Agnew said he doesn’t feel like enough celebrity to appear on I’m A Celebrity or SAS Australia. Agnew said that he would be willing to use his television platform to support a charity.

Sylvia Jeffreys, host, nervously shaved Agnew’s head in studio after a professional haircut.

He said that he did enjoy his long hair and that he accepted it. “But I had an opportunity to contribute to something really important and you have got to take it.”

Former reality TV star raised almost $10,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. 

Agnew appeared previously on Today Extra to take part in The WorldLive the Greatest Shave and raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation 

Agnew is best known for starring on the 2019 season of The Bachelor, where he fell in love with Chelsie McLeod.

Six months after their reality series aired, the couple parted.

He He was most recently associated with comedian Gen Fricker, but the pair split earlier in the year.  

Sylvia Jeffreys (left), a host, nervously shaved Agnew’s hair in studio after a professional haircut.

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