Dr James Wright has passed away: The Good Health Show doctor is dead at 94

One of Australia’s most high-profile TV doctors and Australia winner of the year, Dr James Wright, dies aged 94

  • Aussie TV and radio doctor ‘James Wright’ John Knight has passed away at the age of 94
  • He died on Sunday, November 27, just two weeks after his 95th birthday
  • He was on Good Health Show, Mike Walsh Show and Midday in the ’70s and ’80s

James Wright, Australia’s first famous radio and TV doctor, has passed away at the age of 94.

from Sydney 2GB Radio presenter Ben Fordham paid tribute to Dr. Wright – real name John Knight – after the star’s passing on Sunday.

Dr. Wright was the host of The Good Health show on 2UE and the ‘jolly doctor’ on The Mike Walsh Show and The Midday Show in the 1970s and 1980s.

He also wrote for the well-known Australian magazine Dolly under the infamous sealed ‘Dolly Doctor’ section.

Famed TV and radio doctor John ‘James Wright’ Knight (above) passed away on Sunday at the age of 94

Sydney Radio Host Ben Fordham (Above) Paid Tribute To Dr.  Wright, Praising The Star'S Charitable Work For Housing The Frail Elderly

Sydney radio host Ben Fordham (above) paid tribute to Dr. Wright, praising the star’s charitable work for housing the frail elderly

At that time, ‘media consultants’ from the medical world were not allowed to use their real names on the broadcast.

Dr. Wright was just two weeks away from celebrating his 95th birthday when he passed away on Nov. 27.

“I loved how he said to people when they came on the program ‘what’s your problem?’, so not medical mumbo jumbo,” Fordham said.

“People called him up and told him what was going on. They often brought up things with Dr. James Wright that they were too embarrassed to discuss with their own doctor.

“He would answer anyone’s questions. He was eccentric, he was intelligent, he was a joy to be around.’

Dr. Recognized for destigmatizing major health issues, including the HIV-AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, Wright started a charity in 1971 to house senior citizens.

Dr.  James Wright (Above) Was Australia'S First Celebrity Doctor, Appearing Regularly On Tv And Presenting 2Ue'S The Good Health Show

Dr. James Wright (above) was Australia’s first celebrity doctor, appearing regularly on TV and presenting 2UE’s The Good Health Show

He is also known as the uncle of criminal bikie Mark ‘Chopper’ Read who wrote semi-autobiographies about his life of crime, in which he claimed to have killed 19 people.

Fordham said he was “lucky” to work with Dr. Wright during his time at 2UE and praised his philanthropic work.

“Out of the mic and TV studio, he did incredible things to help people,” he said.

“He set up a foundation that owned hundreds of high-rise homes in Surfers Paradise and he would rent those apartments for a third of their income to struggling elderly retirees.

‘If people didn’t have money, he would still offer them a place.

“He has done incredible things and we will pay tribute.”

Dr. Wright was recognized for his charitable work in 2017 when he was nominated for NSW’s Senior Australian of the Year.


John Knight graduated from medical studies at the University of Sydney in 1953 and moved to the rural NSW town of Tottenham where he worked at the local GP.

He began his celebrity career writing health columns for Australian women in Women’s Weekly, Dolly, Cleo and Women’s Day, as well as major city newspapers including The Sunday Telegraph and The Melbourne Herald Sun.

John Knight took the name Dr James Wright to appear on The Mike Walsh Show in 1972 and became a TV regular through The Midday Show.

He became famous for simplifying medicine for everyday Australians – even bringing cameras into hospital operating rooms and intensive care units.

In the 1980s, Dr. Wright has taken on the task of destigmatizing HIV/AIDS.

At the height of the Australian epidemic, he taught everyday Aussies about the realities of the disease and worked to reduce hysteria.

In 1971, he and his wife, Noreen, founded the Medi-Aid Foundation, which provided affordable housing for the financially insecure elderly.

He was awarded an Order of Australian in 1998 and nominated for NSW’s Senior Australian of the Year in 2017.

Source: TV tonight

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